Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Void

   2nd Nov

Am praying for mum and dad today , the Feast of All Souls.  I've put this on the post "The Void" as I felt it was a different way of looking at the same theme

One day we will meet again and one another understand,
With all the pain and suffering gone, reach for each other's hand.
Our joy will be that then we'll know why we acted the way we did,
Our knowing will be complete - nothing at all will be hid.

The love we had between us so hard to show sometimes ,
Will be evident -   no need for shady rhymes.
We'll spend our time getting to know the people we are, really,
Our deepest hopes and longings will be there for us to see.

I wait for that day when we with a happy heart,
And it won't matter how long we've been apart,
For you will be waiting on the other side for me
And when I get there, there you will be

 2nd October 2016

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OK, so it's the second day of the challenge and I already feel that the way is too hard. But, the easy road isn't always the most beneficial. If you want to see the poems of all the other participants in the poem a day for October challenge go to .

The Void

Look at you taking the broad path, soft grass underfoot,
Lightness in your step,
Warmed by your friend from her place in the Heavens,
Accompanied by many along this pleasant way
Breathing ,with you, the fresh ,wholesome air.
But in your soul, a void,
A void of hopelessness and misery,
A void of emptiness and wasted dreams
Crushed, buried.
Turn and see the other path, the one less trodden, narrow, steep.
Stones falter your step, the wind, the rain, slow your progress.
Weakness pulls on your strong shoulders.
Yet, on this path, in your soul,
Light, fullness of joy, a joy that bursts forth ,
And you smile,
You smile.


  1. I can see this as a contemporary dance

  2. I like how this turns. All seems just dandy in this life. But, then, we realize all is not as it seems. Good job. Thank you. xoA


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