Tuesday, October 11, 2016


                                                                                            11th Oct 2016

Again, thank you to everyone who is reading and commenting on my poems for the challenge. It's now day 11 and I don't feel my muse anywhere near. So I am just writing ...
I am a little disappointed as I was unsuccessful getting a place in the London Marathon. I will, hopefully continue with the training and try again next year.
Also, I can concentrate on preparing for Our Camino Pilgrimage . More about that later...


Didn't go for  run today.
Energy levels low - hadn't slept - could have curled up on sofa 
And gone off, but instead, at request of other half
Went for walk,
A brisk walk along the cliff, with sea air refreshing brain cells.
They don't say it's healthy living by the coast for nothing.
After an hour time to go home,
But me, I'm lively now and could continue for another hour.
Maybe I'll run tomorrow.

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  1. Walking is a great activity. I can't run at this point, I have too many musculoskeletal problems. Never feel bad about strolling and enjoying your surroundings!

    Cie from poetryofthenetherworld.blogspot.com


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