Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Cows

                                                                                            9th Oct 2016

Yesterday I completed my first 5k park run in the morning and realised that if I get into the London Marathon, which I will hear on 18th, I have a long way to go before I am going to be fit to take part. But I will jolly well have a good try and if necessary walk it. I would , however, like to get a medal for taking part and to do that I have to complete it by six in the evening, which is about eight hours.

We also heard the very good news last night that we have a new grandson, which, as you can imagine is wonderful. I will , at some point, change my blog bio again to include this latest information.

And today we went for a walk through fields with another grandchild who has a birthday this weekend.

The Cows

Some with walking shoes, others with wellies,
Coats and scarves to keep form the cold
Children ,parents and old folk too 
Off on an adventure 
To see the cows.

Down narrow roads and muddy country lanes,
To footpaths overgrown with briars,
Children , parents and old folk too,
Trudge through  fields
And find the cows.

"Warning, bull in the field" said the sign by the style ,
But nowhere to be seen , the bull, so
Children, parents and old folk too,
All climb over to the field,
With the cows.

Keeping eyes wide open and walking close together,
Chatting to stop spiraling thoughts of the bull  
Children , parents and old folk too  
Reach the other side leaving
Behind the cows 

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