Saturday, October 15, 2016


                                                                                15th October

Well it's the 15th day of the poetry challenge and almost half way there. I've been trying to figure a way to post poems while I'm away for a few days without my computer or access to one.
I might have to post three on Thursday all together. I hope that counts for the poem a day thing. If not , It can't be helped - more to do with technology difficulties than unwillingness to get creative .
Anyway for today then, the prompt being "Blue"


Some warming up, some bending and chatting - most standing , waiting, going blue with the cold.
Young, not so young, men, women , girls, boys, all shapes and sizes all gathered to do the 5K park run.
One youngish woman - well younger than me by quite a bit - befriended this older specimen
And as we ran, following the 35 minute pacer , we talked a bit, for a bit, until , and I knew it would come,
I couldn't breathe.
So, on we go together, even though she is faster than me- she kindly keeps me company.
In a way, running is like writing - a solitary activity - out in the evenings counting the lamp posts
In your own world.
Writing, the same, at your desk, dreaming and pondering what comes next,
In your own world,
Then get together with others to practice - either writing or running - but still it's down to just you
You share the experience but you can't share the doing of it and you're
In you're own world.
My new friend crossed the line after me so I would not be last -  friend for life now
My time - 42.01 minutes - her PB -  36.00- Thanks friend


  1. Marian, you should be able to schedule the posts so they come out on the day you want. Look on your Blogger Dashboard (I think it's on the right-hand side). xoA

  2. I've looked Annis . I can't work it out . Nevermind XXX


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