Thursday, March 18, 2021

March 19th TTOT

19th March 2021 


 I've been reliably informed that:

"Gratitude and anger can't exist in the head at the same time."

Nevertheless I'm going to try and think of ten things that I'm thankful for this week. 

There must be some, right?

This week, two times the same idea was sent to me. The first time it was in my prayer. I was being told to "plug into the source". It hit me, but I was willing to let it go. After all, what do I do with a piece of advice like that? 
The next morning, I'm in a room with a group of writer friends and almost the exact same words were given again, "plug into your source".

Well, hearing it once, it's easy to  walk away as if I've not heard, but twice and the same message. Ok, that's for me. God is telling me, is he not, to plug in to the source? Right, but what is the source, what is the plug. 

Without deliberating  too long. It occurs to me that the source is God himself and the plug is my prayer. That's encouraged me to alter my diary and make appointments for those meetings to take place. I mean, I do call round often, but this is putting it in more of a place of priority. It's something I've been struggling with for a while. Now, I just need to turn up for the appointments . 

It's hard to put into words how thankful I am for this spiritual uplift. Thank you Lord. 


We had a visit from the eldest grandchild this week. Oh my word, such joy, I could almost not contain it. He was in the area for work and visited us. Not having seen him in over a year, it was difficult not to hold him close a hug him tight. He lives with his wife and four children at the other end of the country and it takes five hours to get there, so popping to see him isn't on the cards even in normal times. This visit kept me cheerful for days.  Joy , joy , joy !!!

We are looking forward when the lockdown will be lifted enough for us to get in our camper and travel on up to see him. 


Oh my word, the interview with the wonderful Carrie Jade, which absolutely blew me away.   Find it here if you're interested  LWS Interview with Carrie-Jade Williams.   

Although young, she lives with Huntingdon's Disease. She literally let's nothing stop her. Full of joy and life, she manages to make you question , like Mary Oliver said "Tell me what it is you plan to do with your one, wild and precious life?"  

You won't be sorry to find her!!! 

She has also compiled a free list of Writing Resources here:  free Writing Resource list


The Sacred Circle, my group of writerly friends. Yes, we are there to encourage each other with our writing, but it's so much more than that. It goes much deeper. We've worked together now for more than six months seeing each other at least weekly and in between times, checking in on our channel in slack. I feel so blessed to have found these beautiful people, who have no idea how much they've helped me, especially during the pandemic. Well, we'd never of met, but for the damn virus, so, my dear ones, I have to say thanks to the virus. There you are. Who'd of thought? 


I have to go get a new journal. I've been thoroughly spoilt with the last one I bought. You see, I was treating myself, spending more than I would do normally. "After all," I said to myself, "you're worth it." But again, a lesson to be learned. This gorgeous one has grown in my affections and I cannot now go back to the cheap sort, which had thinner paper, which wasn't easy to use with my Waterman Fountain pen. Did I just call those awful journals, "the cheap sort"? Funny that, because what I've learnt is that , although I spent three times more on my luxurious, delicious, journal, which is a pleasure to write in, it actually lasted more than three times as long as the inferior ones, thus making them, the cheaper ones. No, I found it hard to believe too. I had to do the sums a few times before I was convinced. If I happen to be lucky enough to find them again , which I hope very mush I do, obviously, I will buy at least five, so I don't have to worry for a while.


Although I've come to number six, I have to say, this point of gratitude is no less important than any of the other, even the first . It's just how things came out of my muddled brain. 

On Monday this week I met up with a good friend for a walk ( our exercise) by the sea. It's always great to see her and this time it was even more lovely as she kindly listened to some of my worries. Don't friends always do that for each other. We manage to see the wood for the trees in the other ones problems when sometimes we struggle to see them in our own. As the sea came crashing in and the seagulls squawked above us we enjoyed about an hour together, which, for me was much too short, but I'll see her again soon. 


Today is St Josephs day. I'd like to think I have a great devotion to dear St Joseph. I do try.  Go here if you want to find out why I love him:

Pope Francis has declared this the Year of St Joseph and urges  us to go to him  for all our needs. 

So this thank you is for my Faith, so rich and so beautiful. 


While I used to do all the cooking ( well, except for exceptional circumstances) now, with me holed up for hours in my bedroom - I did have an office of sorts but I won't go into that here - doing my writing, others are producing meals . At least twice a week and more in some weeks, my husband or one of the boomerang children will take over . At first I found I felt guilty that they were doing it, you know, my job and all. It took me a while to let go.  However, after they did it a few times and did it happily at that, I soon convinced myself that we are four adults living together and I am not the only ono with the right and the responsibility for the running of the household. Maybe between the three of them, they could do it all ! Or is that wishful thinking?? 


We celebrated Mothering Sunday last weekend . What a joy ! Most of my day was spent facetiming children and grandchildren who were giving me their love and entertaining me with stories. In the post the next day I got cards, late of course as the post is always slow these days, and surprise deliveries, among them a beautiful bookmark, which is hard to describe, with its unusual leaf and butterfly of gold. More pressies included swiss chocolate, a set of flavoured teas and earrings. Lovely as it was to get the presents, it's more what they were really saying that struck a cord with  me and to think of their love for me brings a tear to my eye. So grateful that I have the children I have. They are the best!! 


Since Christmas, with no sign of being able to get to see the grandchildren, as some of you may know, I started writing them letters. Yes, to all twenty five of them. This week I've continued to get replies from them. It makes my heart do a little leap when I see the letter, sometimes two or three, on the mat. I always write back promptly. OK, yes, it takes time, but I think it's important. Who knows where it will end.

And that's it for this week. There are many other things I'm thankful for. Life is good and I'm blessed in so many ways. 

Until next week.


  1. What a wonderful list! The spiritual uplift of more prayer will spill over into more than just your writing.

    Let's hope that you can hug every one of those grandchildren in the next few months.

    1. Thanks you once again , Mimi , for your continued support. Your comments always make me smile.

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  3. Have been trying to figure out how to leave you a comment that tells you how to leave links in comments without it trying to become a link itself, and it's not working.

    You can email me at messymimi(at)live(dot)com and i will reply and give you the code to use.

  4. What a wonderful list. How delightful that you got to see your eldest grandchild and his family! Allowing others to serve you sometimes is a blessing for all, even though it is hard when one is used to doing it all. I smiled when I read your comments about the journals. Over the years I have used just about every kind of journal one can imagine, but in these later years I've been using a higher quality one as well, something that wasn't possibly earlier on. They hold up so much better. I love your #1. A great reminder.

    1. Not the grandsons family, only the grandson himself. But beautiful.

    2. Yes, I love my journals. And my spirituality, is who I am. I found that to be more true when actually writing my memoir and asking the question "What is this about?"

  5. How precious that you exchange those letters. Mother was a letter writer and I followed her lead. I'm not so great at it anymore, but mama, my sweeties mom is in assisted living and loves to get mail. So, I'm picking up the pen more.

    1. Yes, so many people have got back to me Lisa to tell me they're going to take up the letter writing thing. Only to touch one person, that's enough ...Lovely to hear you're doing it more yourself...

  6. There is very little in my book that is better than a handwritten letter! I try to send them as often as I can.Im sure you miss them all and are just chomping at the bit to climb into that camper and hit the road!

    1. Thank you. I love the letters Zoe. And it turns out it's struck a chord with so many others, too xxx

  7. See, you were able to write ten thankfuls easily! Once you start, they seem to roll right off! I am trying to make an effort to send handwritten letters more often. They are a lovely keepsake!

    1. Yes, I've had so much response about the letters..

  8. Hi Gram,
    Thanks for coming by my decided to come see you. I agree Thankful people are happier people. So loved your list, make it a daily habit and it will revolutionize your life.....
    Blessings, Nellie

    1. Thank you Nellie. I agree , to be thankful could change so much.


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