Wednesday, April 22, 2020

22nd April

22nd April 2020

A Virtual Writing Morning

I was delighted , this morning to be able to link up with The Writer's Hour via Zoom.
Isn't Zoom a wonderful tool at this present time?

There were more than seventy of us in the meeting.
I tried to link up yesterday, but technical difficulties got the better of me,
so today I was determined not to be beaten.

With my husband's tablet - my laptop is too old,
apparently - I was signed up just in time for the 8.0 am start.

We introduced ourselves and sent messages in the chat to say
 what we hoped to do in the hour.
" I'll be journaling," I wrote, others said the same.
Some were working Image result for pictures of writing journals
on chapters in their books and still more were writing posts on their blogs.
At 8.05 we were muted and set to work. I found it so interesting,
like being in a huge workshop together.
I could see some of our group on the screen, about twenty.
They all had heads down , beavering away, which gave me the impetus to start
 and to continue to the end.
But I found that an hour is too long to be journaling. I lost interest after
half an hour, which is the usual time I would give to my "morning pages".

So, tomorrow, I plan to be better prepared, maybe start with my journal ,
 but have either my blog or, if I feel brave enough, my memoir at hand as well to
keep me busy for the whole time.
It will be good practice to work for an hour at a stretch. It's not normally how I
do things, unless, of course I get so into the writing that I forget the time . Don't
you just love those times.

A little bit straight form my journal this morning:

Image result for picture of woman walking along the sandBut I will  take one step 
at a time,
one after another, just one
no rush.
Sometimes that step will be
a baby step, imperceptible,  
but it'll be there.
One step after another
and in the end
I'll have gone a mile
And that mile will turn 
into two.
The pilgrimage will end,
but not till I take
my last breath.
Only God will count 
the  steps.
Only God will know
 how many miles.
I will just take each step
one at a time.
And I will enjoy each step
As if it's going to be
the only one
I will ever take.

 Till next time...


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. What a wonderful large family you've been blessed with. What was it like having nine children? Yes, Zoom is a blessing--one of several that have resulted from this whole social distancing situation.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I love my large family. Missing them just now though...

  2. Zoom is great, when my device cooperates. Hadn't thought about looking for writing meetings, though.

    Good for you, getting in there and getting things done!

  3. Your journal entry is just lovely! Thank you so much for sharing it:) And as far as Zoom goes, I still resist.

    1. Thanks Chris. Glad you enjoyed my words. I recommend Zoom. It gives me motivation - something I'm always looking for.

  4. Thank you for visiting and leaving your footprint at my place. I appreciate it. Big family but that's an awesome blessing from the Lord. Praying you both are being healed and your daughter. I trust the Lord is also working in mysterious ways behind this awful pandemic.

    " I will just take each step
    one at a time..." Great reminder. So to avoid being overwhelmed in this journey. Sometimes, if we are walking too fast, we are missing to see those little things that matter the most.

    God bless and like "Chris" I'm careful into using Zoom. Not even Facebook. We are being monitored no matter what. May God protect us all. This I also know, that God is using the technology to have His people spread the Good News. Be safe.

    1. You should just go for it with the zoom thing. We can use it for so much good. Be brave for the Lord. Many blessings to you in this strange time.

  5. Thanks for visiting Perceptions Beyond Time And Space, today. I like your blog entry. We use Zoom to continue our Group Studies, every Thursday. God has given us so many tools to further his kingdom and edify the Body.

    The entry from your journal reminds me of the Rich Mullins song, "Sometimes By Step". If you have never heard it, here is a link to it,

    Rich Mullins-Sometimes By Step

    Shalom and Keep Up The Lord's Commission.

  6. I am very interested in who you are writing with for an hour. Is it open to anyone, does it cost. right now we are in the process of a move so I am looking to join something like this or another workshop to help me to write my book and of course blog. It will be a couple of weeks before I am ready , could be even a month, but I will visit you again to see what information you have given me. I enjoyed your post, identified with all you wrote, we have gone a few miles ourselves and clocking off more. I just want to be useful for the Master in this aging business. I'll be back.

    1. It's the writers salon and they have a website. They will probably carry on with these free sessions for a couple of weeks. I'm finding them motivational and inspirational. I do in an hour what , previously I was finding it difficult to do in a day. It is open to anyone so I'd love to see you there. Join now, you won't be sorry. Next session is monday It would be a different time for you, obviously. For us in the UK it's 8.0 am - 9.0 am.

  7. I think it's very cool that you are all writing together! I love your journaling too - just one step at a time!

    1. Yes, I love it. You should join, Mari, it's quite inspirational.


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