Monday, March 26, 2018

Activate - Open Your Eyes

26th Mar  2018

I'm going to try this picture prompt and the six story challenge together.
Today's word - "Activate"

Open Your Eyes

You might want to close your eyes,
not look back.
Or hide under  rose bush
forget the rack.

See, there is no darkness which
can erase
those images which caused  your
mind to craze.

But activate those neurons now
open your eyes
turn, be brave, face the windows
of their lies.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Ten Things of Thankful

25th Mar 2018

My ten things of thankful for this week:

1. I had a  spiritual uplift on a morning of recollection . A quiet time to put things in order with myself and my God and to learn how to live more in the moment .

2. I am thankful for the priest who is always inspired to share a beautiful wisdom about living as a Christian in the world today.

3. And for the friends there who share the same Faith and are walking the same path. We have an incredible bond
4. On the same day on the way home, I enjoyed a walk by the Thames, taking in the reflected images on the glittering water, so pretty in the afternoon sun.

5. On the train journey home I met a lady who was full of life and gave  me some great entertainment  with her chatter and friendliness

6. A few days later I was asked by a friend to help her when she went into hospital for a minor op. She only wanted me to collect her but I felt honoured that she felt able to ask me .

7. When we got to her place she was a bit unsteady so I stayed with her and enjoyed a few hours of tea , biscuits and chatter.  It was a pleasure to be able to be of some service to her., especially as I know how difficult she found it to ask me. And it made me think that in general in society we need to help each other more and not expect that someone else will step up . We are the ones

8.I was so thankful this week that my son and his fiance , who have been living with us for a year, are finally going to be able to move out. We had the walk around of their new house on wednesday and next week they get the keys. There is a lot to do so they won't be out for another few weeks, but the end is in sight for them and for us!

9. And I am so thankful that i made it to the writing workshop this week. I have missed so many friday afternoons. But I have been so grumpy about not getting to my writing that I decided that it was going to be a priority. I always have a struggle to get to it and did have to miss an extra choir practice ( It's Easter soon!). And that is the reason I'm here writing this now. Because I've been energised. I needed it.

10.And the biggest thankful is that it was a dear friend's 50th birthday and her and I and three other dear friend's celebrated by going away for the night. I could have spent the whole ten thankfuls on just this one thing. So much joy - walking by the sea together, having a meal together ( by the way the food was excellent - I had sea food chowder which is a huge dose of thankful in itself), talking together, drinking together - All so good...

There you are folks ...

Friday, March 2, 2018

Ten Things of Thankful

2nd March 2018 

Ten Things of Thankful

Let's see, what can I be thankful for?

1. Where I live we are having bad weather and there have been many accidents on the roads because people are not driving slowly enough in the icy conditions.
So I'm really thankful that I haven't had to go out at all today. I do hate the cold!!!
2. Following on from that I am enormously thankful that our heating is working, although I don't have the thermostat too high and use blankets and extra clothes to keep warm too.
3.And again, I am thankful that there is still a little food in the freezer so we don't have to worry. And my husband is currently getting our supper - fish , chips and peas- yummm.
When I go into London I sometimes bring food with me to give to the homeless/rough sleepers that I meet on the way. I hope they are all warm and well fed today. How they manage in the cold weather is beyond my understanding. And the homeless population continues to grow in the UK !!!!
4. I am thankful for the gift of seeing . Because of it I can write , enjoy colour, melt at my husbands smile, marvel at the sheet of ice that has now covered the snow and is so pretty with it's unusual meringue like form.
5. I am thankful for the hot water with lemon that I have just drunk and delighted in the deliciousness of such a simple beverage. I have been trying to drink less coffee and have discovered that I actually like hot water with a hint of lemon. I even ordered it ( much to the amusement of the waitress) when we went out for our anniversary last week. And we weren't charged for it!!! I think it must be better for my health too, which is a bonus.

And there I need to have a break to ponder  because I can't think of anything else yet..

6. OK, well , I'm thankful that my son and his fiance have made it home safely and I don't have to worry about them any more today.. I do still have two others I'm worrying about though. My daughters shift finishes at eight this evening . But all safe so far...☺☺
7. I am so  thankful that I can walk on my own two legs without any problem and
8. That I can use my hands to write this - albeit a bit of a ramble of nonsense, but at least I can...
9. Also I am thankful that my children care about each other and try to help each other. It's such a blessing and just what I think success is as a mother.
10. It has been hard to think of ten things today. I haven't been feeling good . So number ten is : I am thankful that I got to write my ten things of thankful because it has helped me to appreciate that I do have a huge amount to be thankful for . Has it helped my mood? Yes, a bit ...

Frozen sea today:
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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Yellow Rose

SPECIAL DEAL - Tete a Tete Dwarf Daffodils in Bud

1st March 2018

Today is St David's day, the patron saint of Wales. How is it that we are already in March? Oh well, time is forever unfolding our lives for us .

I am joining in with the six sentence story this week, having been out of action for a while. Lost my mojo a bit ... The prompt is the word, "Transfer"
Anyway, all of my visitors from across the globe, let me know how you are and what's happening in your place.. 

 Yellow Rose

It had been a long , cold winter with weeks of snow that had stayed around for over a month and this March morning was showing the first signs of a promise of change for the better, with a few crocuses dotted about.
Lucy sat at the kitchen table, cup of tea cradled in her hands , her body gently being warmed by the easterly sun, while she gazed out at her small garden and itched  to get out there and start tidying up.
So, putting on  her wellies , she threw open the door and marched down to the shed where she rooted around for her gardening gloves, a spade, secateurs and, most importantly, her kneeling cushion.
Now, all  ready,  she began to dig a hole under the kitchen window where she intended  to transfer her yellow rose bush, which she had been desperate to move since the end of last summer and which in her mind should have been there all along.
Lucy worked on the hard ground, standing upright  every now and again to take a breather until she had reached a foot down,  when all of a sudden the spade stuck something, which, at first Lucy thought was a large stone, but when she bent down to investigate she was taken by surprise and fell to her knees, mouth open.
What could it mean,  she pondered as slowly she removed dark earth from what she now could see was a bone, a human bone, probably an arm and were there any others buried with it?

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