Friday, March 2, 2018

Ten Things of Thankful

2nd March 2018 

Ten Things of Thankful

Let's see, what can I be thankful for?

1. Where I live we are having bad weather and there have been many accidents on the roads because people are not driving slowly enough in the icy conditions.
So I'm really thankful that I haven't had to go out at all today. I do hate the cold!!!
2. Following on from that I am enormously thankful that our heating is working, although I don't have the thermostat too high and use blankets and extra clothes to keep warm too.
3.And again, I am thankful that there is still a little food in the freezer so we don't have to worry. And my husband is currently getting our supper - fish , chips and peas- yummm.
When I go into London I sometimes bring food with me to give to the homeless/rough sleepers that I meet on the way. I hope they are all warm and well fed today. How they manage in the cold weather is beyond my understanding. And the homeless population continues to grow in the UK !!!!
4. I am thankful for the gift of seeing . Because of it I can write , enjoy colour, melt at my husbands smile, marvel at the sheet of ice that has now covered the snow and is so pretty with it's unusual meringue like form.
5. I am thankful for the hot water with lemon that I have just drunk and delighted in the deliciousness of such a simple beverage. I have been trying to drink less coffee and have discovered that I actually like hot water with a hint of lemon. I even ordered it ( much to the amusement of the waitress) when we went out for our anniversary last week. And we weren't charged for it!!! I think it must be better for my health too, which is a bonus.

And there I need to have a break to ponder  because I can't think of anything else yet..

6. OK, well , I'm thankful that my son and his fiance have made it home safely and I don't have to worry about them any more today.. I do still have two others I'm worrying about though. My daughters shift finishes at eight this evening . But all safe so far...☺☺
7. I am so  thankful that I can walk on my own two legs without any problem and
8. That I can use my hands to write this - albeit a bit of a ramble of nonsense, but at least I can...
9. Also I am thankful that my children care about each other and try to help each other. It's such a blessing and just what I think success is as a mother.
10. It has been hard to think of ten things today. I haven't been feeling good . So number ten is : I am thankful that I got to write my ten things of thankful because it has helped me to appreciate that I do have a huge amount to be thankful for . Has it helped my mood? Yes, a bit ...

Frozen sea today:
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  1. Writing out thankfuls always improves how we feel. I know what you mean - worry doesn't end when our children grow up. It's nice to stay inside when the weather is bad. It is crazy windy here during this USA Nor'easter. I wonder what part of England you are in. My family routes are in Hebden Bridge near Halifax in Yorkshire. I'm hoping to visit in 2019 with some dear cousins. Hot tea with lemon sounds so comforting, I think I'm going to make some for myself right now.

    1. Coming to the UK in 2019. I'm afraid we live in Kent, nowhere near Hebden Bridge , I'm sorry to say. But if you fancy a trip down south while you're here , let me know..

  2. Hi Maz! You got it done, yay for you! Sometimes we approach a new TToT list with absolute dread, but once we get going on it things just pop into mind, and again I find it is the little things that really are important in our lives and that we too often take for granted. You've shared some of them here!

    I've been reading about the bad weather you are having there, and it certainly is a worry to go out and about in, or to have your kids out travelling in. Icy roads and bad weather scare me more than anything here because Texas drivers have no idea how to handle winter weather and there are hundreds of senseless accidents because of it. Like you, I try to stay in! I am thankful for you that your heating is working in this cold spell. We had to get a new furnace last Fall and I am so grateful that we can now keep the house and ourselves warm. We do extra clothes and blankets too, no need to run up the cost.
    It is good that you have some food in the house and won't have to go shopping, hopefully until the weather improves. Fish, chips and peas sounds like a very good supper to me. So does your drink of hot lemon water. It is very good for you. I drin too much caffeine and would sleep better at night if I didn't. Perhaps I will start with the lemon water too! My daughter drinks it cold all the time and it keeps her away from bottled drinks that aren't good for her diabetes.

    I was excited to read that you have a new great-grandson to celebrate. Your large family will surely bless you with more, and the family tree grows and flourishes! You can look at all those smiling faces and know you've done well! I was also happy to read that your kids help each other out. Yes, that does mean they were raised by good parents to be caring and kind!

    I am thankful you are so kind yourself, you taught your children by example, such as taking food along to share with the homeless and down and out people you find. We always have enough to share, I love you for caring!

    Yes, the gift of seeing! I can't imagine my world without that, and then I also sit here and think about the gift of my fingers still being able to move on the keyboard after almost 50 years of typing, and most of those full-time in offices! They are a little stiff and sore nowdays, but they still get the job done. The ability to walk about goes right along with this, how much harder our lives would be, if we couldn't get where we needed to go easily, and couldn't be out enjoying the beautiful Spring weather when it arrives!

    I hope that in the process of making your list today you did end up feeling a bit more positive, when we're sick it's hard to think happy thoughts, but I thought you did great here. I will add you to my prayers for a good weekend and a much better week to come! XOXO

  3. Your list brightened my evening!

  4. That is a great list of thankfuls. I am glad doing it made you feel better.

  5. Oh dear! Look at that frozen tundra! Yikes! Thankfully, where I live, while the temperatures are on the cold side we avoided any snow.
    I often feel as you, that I can't think of thankfuls. But you've done a lovely job because what you've listed is great. So many "thankfuls" are of the moment, not necessarily acknowledged at the time but which are with us, in our hearts.

  6. I have been drinking steaming mugs of hot water with lemon as well. If I am feeling extravagant I have even been stirring in some honey. All three are supposed to stimulate the digestive system from what I read. Regardless, it does make a surprisingly pleasant drink.
    Hope your weather improves soon!

  7. watch out with that water and lemon drink, order it too often and someone will put it on the menu! "Why yes, Madame, our lemons are mailed in their own individual containers directly from the pampas of South America. Hand-squeezed, of course! That will be 4 euros, thank you!"

    ...where was I?! lol
    btw, in case no one has mentioned it, one of the very first of the Secret Rules (from the Book of Secret Rules, aka the Secret Book of Rules) addresses your situation at the end of this week's post.
    It is Secret Rule 1.3 and says, in part, 'completing a list of 10 items constitutes an item and (can) therefore be used as Number 10.'
    It is a very useful Book. lol

  8. Hope you are feeling better soon! I always find that writing a TToT post helps my mood, and glad you had the same experience.

  9. I'm thankful for your thankfulness which has inspired me, in turn, to just STOP a moment and be thankful. So. Thank you:)


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