Friday, June 27, 2014


Hello everyone.

At the day for Creative Writing I went to in Broadstairs a couple of weeks ago the theme of memoir and thinking about the past brought to mind some memories that I have since been working on.
It's funny how you can look back and observe details that are just snippets of life going on.
Anyway, one of the things that I remembered was the whole thing of working in the home and how different it was for women before the advance of appliances that made the work easier.
Every day had a specific job allotted .  Monday - washing, Tuesday - ironing,  Wednesday - mending, Thursday - cleaning, Friday - shopping, Saturday - cooking and Sunday a rest as it's the Lord's day.
This routine, very sensible and practical is what I learned when I went to live with my mother in law.
It was all very new to me. My own mother had stepped into the 20th century and we had a machine , a twin tub I think, for the washing and she certainly didn't have the same routine for work in the home that mother in law had.
Thinking of theses things and having to write something for the Writers Workshop last week I produced two small pieces.
We had set ourselves the task of writing a complete piece in exactly 100 words. These are mine:

                                                  Early Risers                     

5.0am start - Six buckets of water,
Fill copper - light.
Add soap shavings - Sunlight Carbolic,
A bit of soda to prevent scum.
It’s Monday- washing, the entire day.
New to me - we had a modern machine.
But, it’s mother in law’s routine.
Whites in first – boil,
Windows open to get rid of steam.
Next coloureds, lastly work clothes.
Wooden tub for hand washing
Washboard for more soiled items.
All laundry rinsed and fed through rollers of mangle.
Tired satisfaction...
No time for anything else.
Even dinner is cold meat from yesterday
With bubble and squeak from leftovers.

100  Words


Keeping everything normal, Sheila starts ironing.  It is Tuesday, after all. She’d kept up the regimental routine her mother in law had instilled in her all those years ago. Each day had its particular job - Monday, washing day, Tuesday, Ironing, - a useful distraction on this significant day.
Robot like, she picks up his shirt, the one she bought him last Christmas.  She knew then that she would be here today.  The iron sweeps backwards and forwards. Smiling, she plans how she will go to the greenhouse later and dispose of his body and his mug containing the evidence. 
                                                                    100 Words

That's all for now folks. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Sun, sun and more sun ... wonderful .

Another great, but extremely busy, weekend. Jo and Paul down to visit. The sun was shining the whole time and my favourite image is of seeing Jo, Paul, Peter,Mike and Mary swimming in the sea at seven in the morning. I went in, well, up to my waist. Although the air was  warm the sea was icy cold. More courage needed , I think. The colours of the sea so vivid, we could have been in any Mediteranean country, but , no we were just a minutes walk from the house. This is one of the main things that make it hard for me to envisage moving.It's just as if it is our private beach, especially as you see no one at that time of day. Feel so blessed to have this so near.
They all, then went off to Jos Bay with Liz, Ben and children. We were going to join them later at the house as we'd been invited to a friend's daughter's First Holy Communion. What a great few hours spent with friends reminiscing and enjoying each others company.These times make me think that, yes, I have become part of the community and I am putting down roots, albeit slow at first.

It was El's birthday on Sunday too and we had the most gorgeous impromptu BBQ with leftovers from Lizzie's do the evening before with some added extras that made a delicious accompaniment.

Sun, sun and more sun.... wonderful.

Thinking about the Race For Life now. I know I have to get on and get fit but it's not going well.
I hurt my back a couple of weeks ago and I'm finding it difficult to walk, let alone run. Oh, well, there's time yet. Any advice would be welcome.

Catch up soon folks....

Oh, look what I managed to do. 

Ok, more of this later.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


A few poems I wrote recently:

Secret Dreams:  

Through the corridor - dark -  long,
Doors on either side,
Each one asking to be opened
Hand on handle, gently press,
Push open - only a little.
Is there treasure to be found inside?
No, darkness has only shadows,
A chill recalling
Cobwebs falling,
Can’t stay here, bleak memories,
Try more doors
Every room the same, until, a seed of promise,
Light creeps from under one door
Slowly, hope edges forward, enters,
Looking for joy that once it knew.
Brightness reveals
 Secret dreams, unmasked,
Long hidden - radiant still.

Have you Cancelled Tomorrow?

You walk with your buggy,
The same every day,
Past the clock tower to the supermarket
Neighbours wonder  - How do you manage
On your own with your precious gift,
Fair, like you, 
You,  still a babe yourself - 15 maybe?
 With your bag of shopping tied to your buggy,
You return, linger in the park
Sit on the swing with baby on knee, singing.
Have you no other waiting for you?
Have you cancelled your own tomorrow,
Given up your secret dreams,
Or postponed them, for now?

Outside the bank,
Head bent, unshaven, saggy, shabby, you slump
Skin a jaundice colour, hair matted,-grey- greasy.
How long do you wait
What do you think
Where do you call home?
People throw money into the cup at your feet,
As they look the other way.
Do you ever lift your head into the air,
Breathe the joy of the new day?
What misfortune placed you here today.
Maybe once, you had a wife, a profession,
Children maybe, who no longer know you,
And dreams of a future,
What is your secret?

I'm trying to work out how to post pictures on my blog. Anybody??

Hope you liked the poems.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Wonderful weekend

What a great weekend. Sat morning spent time with some of the grandchildren at their school jumble sale - they love rummaging.
 Even found myself a couple of bargains - a fancy cake stand ( have to have friends for tea) and a little white cardy to go with my summer dresses. I was extremely pleased with myself. Unfortunately the fashionable purple trousers didn't suit me at all - just as well I tried them on.

Sat evening was amazing too. I got to read three poems at a great event held at Beach Creative. It brought together a number of arts disciplines - there were poetry,music , photos and drama - all focusing on war . It was terribly up market. And I had a fabulous response to my own poem, "Telegram". Oh, and of course, there was some wine. Always welcome !

Sunday proved to be just as enjoyable as, after Mass in the morning where it was my turn to read, Peter and I met the grandchildren and mum and dad on the beach in Tankerton. Such a pleasure to paddle whilst holding the hand of little Lily-Mae, soft and trusting. Only problem was, she wanted  to go further and further out into the great blueness. Needless to say I got a wee bit wet. We left them drinking in the sun and went home to get dinner before our next adventure.

Canterbury- the Jolly Sailor: 
What a delicious evening we had with lots of poets.
And , again, I got to read my war poem. It's so topical at the moment so I am making the most of it.

If any of you read and think you like to comment, please feel free.
It would be great to get into discussion .

OK, enough waffling, back to writing.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Didn't go to poetry workshop today. There just didn't seem to be enough time. But then I was greatly cheered when  a magazine asked if they can print my comment and will I send them my address so they can send me money, if I don't mind. Well, I don't mind at all. So, this time I was told the issue number too, which is good as I don't normally get to see them, not buying the magazines.
I would probably have to spend £15 a week if I was to buy all that I post to.
Anyway, it is a little bit of a lift when they take them.
Off now to practice reciting my poetry for tomorrow night.