Wednesday, June 11, 2014


A few poems I wrote recently:

Secret Dreams:  

Through the corridor - dark -  long,
Doors on either side,
Each one asking to be opened
Hand on handle, gently press,
Push open - only a little.
Is there treasure to be found inside?
No, darkness has only shadows,
A chill recalling
Cobwebs falling,
Can’t stay here, bleak memories,
Try more doors
Every room the same, until, a seed of promise,
Light creeps from under one door
Slowly, hope edges forward, enters,
Looking for joy that once it knew.
Brightness reveals
 Secret dreams, unmasked,
Long hidden - radiant still.

Have you Cancelled Tomorrow?

You walk with your buggy,
The same every day,
Past the clock tower to the supermarket
Neighbours wonder  - How do you manage
On your own with your precious gift,
Fair, like you, 
You,  still a babe yourself - 15 maybe?
 With your bag of shopping tied to your buggy,
You return, linger in the park
Sit on the swing with baby on knee, singing.
Have you no other waiting for you?
Have you cancelled your own tomorrow,
Given up your secret dreams,
Or postponed them, for now?

Outside the bank,
Head bent, unshaven, saggy, shabby, you slump
Skin a jaundice colour, hair matted,-grey- greasy.
How long do you wait
What do you think
Where do you call home?
People throw money into the cup at your feet,
As they look the other way.
Do you ever lift your head into the air,
Breathe the joy of the new day?
What misfortune placed you here today.
Maybe once, you had a wife, a profession,
Children maybe, who no longer know you,
And dreams of a future,
What is your secret?

I'm trying to work out how to post pictures on my blog. Anybody??

Hope you liked the poems.

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