Monday, June 23, 2014

Sun, sun and more sun ... wonderful .

Another great, but extremely busy, weekend. Jo and Paul down to visit. The sun was shining the whole time and my favourite image is of seeing Jo, Paul, Peter,Mike and Mary swimming in the sea at seven in the morning. I went in, well, up to my waist. Although the air was  warm the sea was icy cold. More courage needed , I think. The colours of the sea so vivid, we could have been in any Mediteranean country, but , no we were just a minutes walk from the house. This is one of the main things that make it hard for me to envisage moving.It's just as if it is our private beach, especially as you see no one at that time of day. Feel so blessed to have this so near.
They all, then went off to Jos Bay with Liz, Ben and children. We were going to join them later at the house as we'd been invited to a friend's daughter's First Holy Communion. What a great few hours spent with friends reminiscing and enjoying each others company.These times make me think that, yes, I have become part of the community and I am putting down roots, albeit slow at first.

It was El's birthday on Sunday too and we had the most gorgeous impromptu BBQ with leftovers from Lizzie's do the evening before with some added extras that made a delicious accompaniment.

Sun, sun and more sun.... wonderful.

Thinking about the Race For Life now. I know I have to get on and get fit but it's not going well.
I hurt my back a couple of weeks ago and I'm finding it difficult to walk, let alone run. Oh, well, there's time yet. Any advice would be welcome.

Catch up soon folks....

Oh, look what I managed to do. 

Ok, more of this later.

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