Monday, June 9, 2014

Wonderful weekend

What a great weekend. Sat morning spent time with some of the grandchildren at their school jumble sale - they love rummaging.
 Even found myself a couple of bargains - a fancy cake stand ( have to have friends for tea) and a little white cardy to go with my summer dresses. I was extremely pleased with myself. Unfortunately the fashionable purple trousers didn't suit me at all - just as well I tried them on.

Sat evening was amazing too. I got to read three poems at a great event held at Beach Creative. It brought together a number of arts disciplines - there were poetry,music , photos and drama - all focusing on war . It was terribly up market. And I had a fabulous response to my own poem, "Telegram". Oh, and of course, there was some wine. Always welcome !

Sunday proved to be just as enjoyable as, after Mass in the morning where it was my turn to read, Peter and I met the grandchildren and mum and dad on the beach in Tankerton. Such a pleasure to paddle whilst holding the hand of little Lily-Mae, soft and trusting. Only problem was, she wanted  to go further and further out into the great blueness. Needless to say I got a wee bit wet. We left them drinking in the sun and went home to get dinner before our next adventure.

Canterbury- the Jolly Sailor: 
What a delicious evening we had with lots of poets.
And , again, I got to read my war poem. It's so topical at the moment so I am making the most of it.

If any of you read and think you like to comment, please feel free.
It would be great to get into discussion .

OK, enough waffling, back to writing.

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