Monday, January 20, 2020

Soda Bread

21st January 2020

I have just read that chocolate ( the dark stuff mind) is good for us. The article tells me one square a day can be really  beneficial to my heart, to my mental health and to my brain among other things. Well, I'd like to know how much better two squares would be and would a whole bar add years to my life.
Ah, no, it's just the one little square that has the benefits . Any more could possibly be harmful.
I don't know about you, but I can't eat  just one square from a bar of chocolate. Much too much temptation involved.

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Soda Bread

Warm soda bread sits
In the middle of the table, a round loaf,
a cross creased into it's middle.
The  familiar, sweet, smell, settles
Somewhere in our shared  history,
Buried like gold, In the mists of my memory.
Just Nan and I, bridging generations, 
her soft look wraps me in its love.
Between us the loaf waits on the bread board.
In a white china dish, the butter - kerrigold.
Nothing else would do. 
And a  pot of tea, brewing, under a knitted cosy,
which I knitted in green and red stripes, for her.
Milk too, full cream, fresh from the dairy, in the blue jug.
And a pot of Mrs O'Neil's Jam, made from her own blackcurrants.
Nan cuts the bread into two thick slices
I take one, a  sliver of my grandma
break it in half, place on my plate, gently
I carve wedges of butter into slender slabs 
 I spread each evenly right to the edges
And to finish , a smear of Jam
I watch nan do the same - It is our communion


20th January 2020

Well that's 2020 written for the  first time on the blog.

The year has started off slowly as we have been recovering from 
all the visiting we did over the Christmas.
 I think we're nearly there now.
 Nearly back to normal. 
Though what is normal?
And do I want it?
Is it best to keep well away from normal?
These questions don't keep me awake at night,
but they are floating about in that grey matter
where important stuff goes on.

First today I have an acrostic - January


Just look up, up at that sky with grey clouds edged by 
Almond flecks. And starlings,  black,  swooping
Now this way, now that, seemingly 
Unaware of the bitter cold of this winter evening.  They
Arrive in their flocks, perform their murmations, give us a 
Regal  show. Their  elegant  dance makes this
January day more bearable

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What makes me feel warm inside?
I think of my grandmother.
It's the days leading up to Christmas.
She sits in front of  the range -for warmth
She picks up a turf sod lying in the basket
To feed the oven
I help her, pick up my own lump of turf
Turf that Uncle Timmy dug up the previous autumn
It feels hairy to the touch
not like the factory produced brickets, i think.
We take turns, my nan and I, to place a sod in the fire
without words we feed our story, make it rich.
The flames give a glow to her - already pink cheeks
When the roar tells us "enough for now",
She sits back, smiles, and for while, tells stories or tales of family
Long ago , linking the threads of shared Ancestors
Who brought us to this day.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Day 31 - Finding Peace

31st Oct 2019

Day 31 .

The last day.

The prompt, Finding Peace makes me think, ok, after today no more rushing to put some words on the blog for Octpowrimo, only peace.
 Of course  I will be doing other writing and hopefully continuing to post to my blog, but I won't be under constraint. I'm not saying I haven't enjoyed the last month. 
 On the contrary, I do love working to prompts and having deadlines, but only for so long. 
It's been good.
So until next year, here's my Day 31 for Octpowrimo 2019:

Finding Peace.

Come to Me, I will give you rest
He said
So, when weary, weighed down, burdened
by life
I close my eyes, relax, spend  time
with Him,
leave all those worries, those cares at
His feet,
Then find that I can live my day more
Free from anxiety, full of joy, held in Love,
with Him
at Peace
Exploring poetry in all its forms.

Day 30 - Who Am I

30th Oct 2019

Day 30.
And only one more poem to go for the challenge.

Exploring poetry in all its forms.

Who Am I?

No, I am not a nurse
though I tend you when
you're ill,
cool your heated brow,
softly bandage your bruised
soak up the spillage
of blood.
No, I am not a teacher
though I help you
understand about
the world we live in,
show you how to
master life's problems,
sit with you throughout the night,
till finally you get logarithms.
No, I am not a chef
though most days
I dish you up your favourite
tasty delights.
Occasionally I go the extra mile
and create an exciting
new recipe.
No, I am not a cleaner,
or office manager,
or football coach,
or taxi driver,
or fashion guide,
or relationship coach,
or driving instructor,
or an expert in writing cv's,
or a money making tree,
No, I'm just your mum,
that's me.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Day 29 - Lightness of Being

29th Oct 2019

Day 29 of Octpowrimo.
A bit late getting to post but nevertheless I have, so, I call that success.

Lightness Of Being

A fresh October breeze
Puffs out the white sail
Punched onto blue sky.
Too early for dog walkers,
All quiet, except for
Waves washing up gently
With unusual softness.
To right and left a great
Expanse before me.
I look up to the Heavens,
Breathe in the sea air.
My spirit is free and my
whole being has a certain
Lightness about it.

Exploring poetry in all its forms.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Day 28 Mending the Broken Places

28th Oct 2019

Hello friends. It is Monday and the start of a new week. The news these last few days of the death of thirty nine people found in a refrigerated truck has really made people think. 
Unfortunately, it's happening all the time . One wonders where they might have ended up . In the slave trade maybe? Yes, it goes on. The money they borrow to get themselves here, they then have to pay back, which they are rarely able to do. 
I can't say I know what the answer is but I would like to think that they would be treated with dignity and respect as we all deserve being everyone of us part of the human race. 

Anyway, today is Day 28 of the ongoing challenge, OctPoWriMo 2019.

Only three more posts for this. 
I will make it.
I will make it.

I will make it.

From Broken Places

Why risk their lives to get here?
Last distressed words, by text,
"My trip to a  foreign land has failed"
"I am dying, I can't breathe!"
"I am suffocating!"

Exploring poetry in all its forms.
Thirty one men, eight women,
Dead. God be with them.
A pregnant wife and son left behind,
Now grieve.
Many families innocent victims.

Paid to smugglers by one family,
Thirty thousand pounds,
Borrowed with  hope in a future,
Turned into nightmare.
Money laundering.

They escape from broken places,
Hide in trucks, holding onto dreams
Of a better life, of working,
Of sending money back home.
Willing to take the chance.

A mass fatality - without respect
Without dignity,
Trafficking of people
How many more will die by
drowning at sea or in refrigerated trucks?

How many more...

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Day 27 - How Did I Get Here

27th Oct 2019

Day 27

Exploring poetry in all its forms.

How Did I Get Here

On my birthday that year,
Not so long ago,
I took a chance, risked shattering 
My dream.
With palms sweaty, heart racing,
I plunged into the unknown.
I had no idea if I could, 
If it would work,
No confidence in who I was,
A woman with
With deep roots in the mountains
Of the forty shades, 
Storytellers for ancestors.
I should have known I could.
And I did.
And here I am.