Friday, March 13, 2020

Walk on Beach

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13th March 2020

Walk on the Beach

Blue turns to grey,
soft, sand, sifts
three miles suddenly six.
On distant horizon,
twin towers of
 long forgotten
Roman life.
Shells embedded
eons ago,
fossils too,
in rugged rock.
A dogfish, washed up
stranded, gasps for air,
take him back,
take him back,
back to where,
he can breathe, where
we can breathe
subtle mists of before

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Image may contain: Marian Green, outdoor and natureImage may contain: Mary Green, dog, mountain, outdoor and nature

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Thursday, March 12, 2020


12th March 2020

A challenge:    to write a piece - prose or poetry in exactly 65 words . Prompt - Bottle


Soft light throws shadows
on two flushed  faces,
blue eyes meet,
hold their story,
hum of other diners
there is,
only this moment.
He, takes champagne,
the Bollinger,
from the ice bucket,
pours two goblets,
hands one to her.
touch, tinkle together,
her smile warm,
complexion aglow.
He draws near,
"will you marry me?"
She nods her head,
"Of course," she says
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Wednesday, March 11, 2020


11th March 2020


Below is a picture of my grandson, Theo ( sorry, Spiderman)  who is four today. I thank God for him and all my grandchildren and great grandchildren. I love them all dearly.  I found an entry in my journal for the day Theo was born. I will copy it here exactly as it is, with no editing, so, apologies now for errors etc. and sorry if you find it a bit boring.  My journal is just a daily rambling. 

March 11th 2016
7.30 am
Well, what news , there you are , another new addition. Baby Walker, born 4.25 am this morning. What lovely news. We will go over later for a few hours. New life, hew hope. That makes twenty one grandchildren now and what is to be is yet to be revealed.
I just wonder what the family will look like in ten or twenty years time. There'll be more grandchildren, but also more great grandchildren. 
What a blessing it is , our large family. And each new addition so precious. 
Tiny hands that will grow and perform the many tasks of life. That cheeky smile that says, oh it's good to be here with you guys!. Those chubby legs that will eventually get into mischievous corners. 
Who does he look like? Seeing the family genes in each of his expressions. 
And don't cry baby,we're all here for you. What will you be like? How tall? What will you like to do?What will you be good at? What kind of a person will you become? We love you to bits, even though we haven't met you yet. Your softness calls to us to hold you close, showing you how the world can be comfortable and kind. You might learn otherwise later. But, for now, for you, the world is wonderful. 
And I am your Grams. 
Hopefully we'll get lots of time together to get to know each other.
Hopefully, I'll be blessed with many more years of life , so I'll be able to enjoy your own family in the future.
I wonder what your sister and brother will make of you. Will Liam, big brother, protect you, look after you? And Livi has been looking forward to your coming for a long time now. She'll be over the moon with you, I'm sure. 
And your Dad, his heart will melt, he'll fall in love with you, with your obvious likeness to him, part of him. And of course, your mum, she'll be so happy.
See what joy you bring to the world. All your aunts and uncles, cousins and other relations are there for you, loving you already. You are one lucky little boy. 
And still no name yet. "Baby Walker", we laughed at that this morning, at the pun, me and grandad. 
As I get older, I get more sentimental about our family. It becomes more important . And my hope is that during the time left to me, I see more of all my children ( those with or without children) and all the grandchildren. I will have to make plans so that we get to do this.  

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Open Your Eyes.

10th March 2020

Secrets, hidden and buried, eventually find a way to the surface to damage anything in their  path.  "little white lies", they  do not exist. A lie is a lie. Sometimes it seems harder to tell the truth than to "save face" or "be kind" to someone. But it's never the way. Peace comes from living in truth. But first we have to know what the truth is and secondly to always be true to ourselves, our own deep being.

This is from a while ago.

Open Your Eyes

Do you  want to avert your eyes,
not look back.
Or hide under that  rose bush
forget the rack.

See, there is no darkness which
 can erase
those images which caused  your
mind to craze.

You, activate those neurons now,
open your eyes
turn, be brave, face the mirrors
of their lies.

Somewhere I go for peace and to be with God, in quiet.

Monday, March 9, 2020


9th March 2020

Just a few words today.
We should be in The Holy Land, but Bethlehem is on 30 lock down for a month because of the corona virus.
We went out on Thursday and were in the air when the lock down was put into effect. Our pilgrimage agents tok the decision , for our safety , to fly us home the next day. We spent a night in Tel Aviv , had a couple of hours in Jerusalem and were blessed to be able to go to the Church of The Holy Sepulchre. 
We intend to go back.


She will not be known

 by that name anymore,
They gave her that name.
She was five.
Her parents dead.
She was taken to 
the convent in Eniscothy.
They never  broke her will, 
she sweated 
in the the laundry,
every day,
they gave her
weak broth for food,
 she was allowed,
 no conversation, 
or any time for 
childlike activities
Deep inside s
he clung to hope
of new beginnings,
a better life.
The secret silence,
loud as thunder.
the silence,
that separated,
the silence,
a tight chain,
around her soul.
Marie, will shatter 
that silence.
This thought,
before she speaks,
before her family 
this thought itself, 
releases the tension,
the fetters fall, 
her lungs fill,
air, freedom, promise.
After supper, 
husband, children,
who's turn  the 
washing up?
She calls them,
sits them down,
spills it out,
tears fall, 
bathe the hurt .
For long moments,
no one speaks, 
then they hug her,
say, everything's ok,
we're here.
She says,
my name is Marie.
They nod

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Ash Wednesday

26th February 2020

Ash Wednesday
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One of the prayers for this morning - "let us turn to him with our whole heart."
What does it mean?
Our whole heart, no room for anything else, anyone else.
It's a hard call, not easy to attain, but therein lies the happiness of the Christian.
Ash Wednesday starts that time when we try to turn more to our God.
We are asked to think about three things in particular:
My musings are just that. I hope they help or at least make you think:
Time is a precious gift to us.

Let us make time for prayer, to take some quiet moments just conversing with Our Lord.
Let us pray better, taking more care to prepare and maybe have a book with us or the Gospels, for when our imagination wants to capture us and distract us.
Let us remember during the day a particular person or intention to pray for.
In the Gospel ( Matt 6) Jesus says,
" But when you pray, go to your private room and when  you have shut the door, pray to your Father who is in that secret place, and your Father who sees all that is done in secret will reward you." Sometimes, I feel that the prayer, which gives so much peace, is the reward itself.

Let us take the time to think about our fasting.
Yes, it can be about food and some of it should be, especially today, but there are so many more ways in which we can fast ( deny ourselves).
What about fasting from tv so that we have time for others.
A dear friend who is dead now used to choose a person who he found it more difficult to get on with and spend his lent doing things for that person, giving his time and energy . At least two lents were devoted to his mother. She ended up feeling well blessed with a devoted son who loved her dearly.
What about a day for each member of the family when we pray more for that person and also contact them.
Remember our time is a precious gift to us, if we give it to others for God, it becomes even more so.
What about running a prayer group with some friends throughout lent.
There are lots of ways we can fast. But whatever way we choose, let us do it cheerfully and without show,   " and your Father who sees all that is done in secret..."
You probably have more ideas.
Please share them with us.

Let us take time to think of Almsgiving:
Let us look at where we can help. Who needs our assistance.It needn't be a big donation but it should be done with love.
It could be there is a family near who are struggling and could do with some extra food for the children.
Or maybe a friend needs a copy of the Gospels and you can buy it for them.
It could also be some money that you have collected from your fasting in other areas that you send now to those in need.

Pope Benedict:
" Dear friends , on this lenten journey let us be careful to accept Christ's invitation to follow him more decisively and consistently, renewing the grace and commitments of our own baptism, to cast off the former person within us and put on Christ, in order to arrive at Easter renewed and be able to say, with St Paul: I live now not with my own life but with the life of Christ who lives in me."

Let us make a good Lenten journey  close to Jesus.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Shrove Tuesday

24th February 2020

Shrove Tuesday

Today is Shrove Tuesday - Pancake Day. I will not be making pancakes today. My husband is avoiding gluten and dairy, and my daughter is dieting and the calories involved are just not worth it. I'm relieved. I like pancakes, but not enough to make them just for me.
It's a world of a difference to when the children were all at home. We always had them at tea time, after a small  main meal. The batter was made earlier in the day - a lot of it. Sometimes I would have to make more as they disappeared quickly into little bellies.
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I stood the the stove for hours flipping each individual pancake, often making more than forty during one tea time. They would eat more quickly than I could supply them and they'd wait eagerly for their next one. At the end I was usually too exhausted to have one myself. I usually just sat with a cup of tea and sigh.
The children loved them  though, some dolloping chocolate spread in large spoonfuls into the middle of theirs and carefully easing it to the edges before rolling it, others might have jam and do the same, still others, especially as they got older would squeeze lemon juice liberally all over and cover it with an inordinate amount of sugar. It didn't matter.
At some point in time, I changed the pattern. It occurred  to me that I could make up batches and keep them warm in the oven, thereby being able to eat together and actually maybe enjoy one myself. One time, I remember, I made 50. It took a few hours, but it was worth it. I separated them by putting grease proof paper between each one. How much more relaxed. Why didn't I think of it before?
This was a revelation and worked really well.

But why do we eat pancakes and why is it called, Shrove Tuesday?
Well, it's a Christian tradition. Shrove Tuesday always comes before Ash Wednesday which is the start of the Lenten season. It was customary to be shriven, (absolved ) before lent started, so that the season could be prayerful and get one prepared for the great celebration of Easter. People would often go to confession to put themselves right with God. Actually many still do.
Having pancakes  came about because people would have to eat all the fats and eggs in the house, due to fasting during the following weeks. We no longer have such strict fasts, but we are still encouraged to find ways to do without and live more spiritually

So, although I won't be having pancakes I will be looking at how I can live this lent in a more prayerful and thoughtful way, so that Easter will be for me a  great celebration.

Will you be eating pancakes today or changing things over these next few weeks? It would be good to hear your stories.