Saturday, April 30, 2022

Six Sentence Story

30th April

 The prompt for the six sentence story was "term"

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30th April 2022


Sally walked through the tape, avoiding cracked steps, and stopped to put plastic shoe coverings on before  entering the open front door of the Victorian terraced house.  Her eyes smarted, and she coughed as the strong smell of bleach unexpectedly caught her throat. Making her way towards the kitchen she was thankful to observe that the all the windows were open, yet she still covered her face with her hands. 

"All yours, Doctor," said one of the policemen as he passed her in the corridor, "not a pretty site, I'm afraid." 

How spotless everything looks, she thought, glancing round the kitchen. The only disorder the body, a woman in her early thirties, she surmised, clothes in disarray, cuts, bruises, blood everywhere  and, shockingly, as far as Sally could tell, pregnant and full term. Immediately falling on her knees she proceeded to ascertain whether the baby was alive or, more likely dead. 

Friday, April 29, 2022

Finding Ten

 29th April

It's a while since I posted anything on the ten things of thankful bloghop. 
I have no valid excuse.
It's not that I haven't  had cause to give thanks.  
I have. 
I just haven't felt like thinking about it, and actually being thankful.
I suppose my attitude hasn't been one of counting my blessings, but rather seeing only the obstacles. 
And those obstacles, dear readers, are so minute in my life as to be totally embarrassing to talk about.
So I won't.
So I come here today and try to ponder on what I can be grateful for. 
I'll just look at the past week.

1. On Wednesday we came back from Cornwall after spending twelve days at our daughter's, the first week dog sitting while they cruised the Norway Fjords, with the children, the second week a few days with all of them when they got back.  
It was a time to treasure, a time that's precious. We don't get to see them as often as we'd like as they live 6 hours away. 
I know you guys in America don't think that's such a big deal, but for us English folk, on our small island, I can assure you it's a massive trek.
2. I loved some of the coastal walks and  breathed the sea air, the freedom of it, deep into my lungs. As I walked I thought again that I'd like to do the Camino de Santiago. I'd have to practice lots before though. I'm not fit enough for it yet. 
3. On one of the walks when the family came home I strolled along with my six year old grandaughter. What joy as we created poems together from all that we saw around us - caterpillars, yellow gorse bushes, trains, birds, the colours of the sea, the dunes, the sand, the sound of church bell,  and much more. When she got home, she started a new journal which she called Seaside Poems.  Amazing.
4. Sharing a book with my grandson before he went to bed. It makes me so happy that he loves books. This lively boy of three can sit for an hour or more listening to stories. I love that. 
5. Then, when the children were in bed, we spent some quality time with our daughter and her husband. A glass of wine and chatting together - just my cup of tea ( ah, no, it's wine xxx) To see the love they have for each other is quite humbling and brings a lump to my throat. 
6. When we got home and I looked out into the garden I was overjoyed to see the reds and blues and yellows of plants bursting into bloom. And my clematis coming back to life with it's beautiful purple flowers. What a lot had happened in the garden in that short twelve days. Of course, there is a lot of weeding to do too. But hey ...
7. I heard on the family grapevine how one of the children was helping a sibling out with a problem. How proud I am of my children.  It happens with the grandchildren too , and  even between the generations. It's more than I thought possible, yet maybe only the tip of the iceberg, for all I know. 
8. Hubby and I went in some galleries when we were away. I was blown away by the  exhibition in the Newlyn Gallery in Penzance, called Captured Beauty. Here's some blurb:

Black Voices Cornwall is an organisation that exists to enable Cornwall to become an actively anti-racist county. The ambition for Captured Beauty is for ethnically diverse visitors to feel seen through the works in this exhibition. It is also an opportunity for the white community to have an insight to how it feels to be a person of colour in the 21st century, and to come away from the exhibition with a determination to finally end racism.

We were told that 98.2% of Cornwall is white and one of the artists said she can go for more than three weeks without seeing a person like herself. How isolating is that. 
The exhibition was very humbling. 
It made me think, as St Josemaria said many years ago, "there's only one race, the human race...". If only we could remember that.
9. Another exhibition I enjoyed was called Simple Truths. Again, it made me think. Taking ordinary daily experiences and giving them a twist was clever. There was even some up to date pieces such as a shop assistant in a bakery carefully putting a loaf of bread in brown  paper . She is wearing a mask.  Only able to see her eyes, we're left with questions. Might she be smiling? 
I have to thank my lovely hubby for introducing me to the wonder of galleries. 
10. Finally, I'm thankful for this bloghop, which has encouraged me to find things to be thankful for and has got me writing. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

The Run

 22 02 2022

The Run

Earnestly, he rubs the canvas

With a damp cloth,

reveals the white of his

old trainers.

Deliberately, one by one, unravels

 the blue laces,

dreamily watches a fly

 crawl among crumbs

 on grey tiles,

 oh, little fly,

you have no idea how lucky you are.

Out on the downs, on the coastal path,

he runs,

he runs, … slowly, …at first,

until, inside his head

an explosion, a war, of words

fly back and forth.

Keeping time he picks up pace

 Quickening,  the  louder they get,

Faster, …Faster, …Faster, …


his breath, his breath,…gives out...

He stops…        He falls…

He falls with …         A thud

Into the mud…

He curls…    Head down…

Face down…     Down in the dirt…

He sobs…

He sobs…

Down in the dirt, he sobs…

Renouncing self- Gospel reflection

 22 02 2022

Mark 9:34-9:1

Jesus called the people and his disciples to him and said:

“If anyone wants to be a follower of mine, let him renounce himself and take up his cross and follow me. For anyone who wants to save his life will lose it; but anyone who loses his life for my sake and the sake of the gospel, will save it. What gain, then, is it for a man to win the whole world and ruin his life? And indeed, what can a man offer in exchange for his life? For if anyone in this adulterous and sinful generation is ashamed of m end of my words, the Son of Man will also be ashamed of him when he comes in the glory of his father with the holy angels” And he said to them, “I tell you solemnly, there are some standing here who will not taste death before they see the kingdom of God come with power”

What does it mean to renounce oneself? And take up our cross? To save our life we must lose it. What’s all that about? How do we do that?

Does it mean I need to be in a convent, away from the bad world? Is that the way to save my life? Or join some catholic association and work for them, losing my life in that work so I can save it?

No, this message of Jesus is for everyone, not just for a few who can be Holy. No, I’m called to be Holy, we all are. He wants us not just to know about him, but to get close to him, intimately close - young people through their  studies, single people in their professional work, mothers and fathers in the family and in their professional work, and yes, also priests and nuns and those who work for the church. All of us offering Jesus our whole lives, through the little things of everyday.

So, in my life, whatever it looks like, Jesus asks me to renounce self. He asks me to put Him first. I can do that, hundreds of times in one day. And I can always ask him, Jesus, what do you want me to do here, in this situation or that other one?

Lent starts on 2nd March. Let’s make this lent a time to get close to Jesus to love Him more.  Each of us should prepare a plan. Not a huge list of things but something we’ll keep to. Something simple. Maybe you struggle getting up on time, then that’s a good place to start, as soon as the alarm goes, immediately turning your heart to God, and up. Renouncing self. “Help me live this day for you Lord”. Or it could be to do something small for someone you live with to make their life better - listening to them, giving them your time and attention. We’re so caught up in “self” sometimes, we don’t think of the others, who are often going through difficult times. A cup of tea, an offer of help. This, if done for Our Lord, is following Him, following Jesus. Could you, this lent, make time for Jesus by spending 10 or 15 mins in prayer with Him? Or read a passage of the Gospel every day? Maybe you already have these habits. Then think, can you do them with more love?  Ask Jesus for light to see what He wants of you this lent.  


Thursday, February 17, 2022

Shoulder My Yoke

17th Feb 2022


Matthew 11: 28-30

Jesus said, 'Come to me, all you who labour and are overburdened, and I will give you rest. Shoulder my yoke and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. Yes, my yoke is easy and my burden light.'

"Shoulder my yoke"

What do you mean?
 You promise to give rest,
then you ask us to
 take up your yoke .
How are  these two

Overburdened with our
weighed down, yet
resting in you
we find a light-heartedness,
a peace
to our souls.
May time stand still
in moments of joy

Photo - Maria Lang

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Thankful Things

28th Jan 2022


I have so many things to be thankful for this week. 

I'm sitting in bed, looking out at the sky being revealed as the morning begins. I can tell there is a frost, but I see the red and blue and am cheered. 
 I've been more mobile lately, more comfortable, and realise it's because the pain in my back has eased, ( can't remember if I mentioned I  fell and fractured my spine).  Not that I'm able to do an Irish Jig or anything, but , I can now go  for long walks again. Phew am I grateful and relieved for that!!!

 The weekend before last we had a family party for my grandson's 18th birthday. I'm still giving thanks for it. Although a few were missing, most of the family were there. It was my birthday too, and what a fantastic gift it was to look out on the crowd in the hall with tears flowing, as it occurred to me that they were directly descended from myself and my hubby.  My heart was bursting with love and pride  and thankfulness. I felt totally blessed.

Thank you, Lord,  for my dear husband, who loves me completely. We have the same goals in life, and are mindful of each other, continually. I am amazed at what we have. 

Thank you, Lord, for friends, for their kind words, for their company, for their just being there. 

Thank you, for smiles. It's incredible how much a simple smile can do. I know I have cause to be grateful for many people this week who have smiled at me. Some are complete strangers and in some way that makes it all the more satisfying.  We should take the trouble to smile as much as we can. It's good for both the one who gives and the one who receives. Pass it on. 

A Poem by Spike Milligan: 

Smiling is infectious,

 you catch it like the flu, 

When someone smiled at me today, 

I started smiling too.

 I passed around the corner 

and someone saw my grin.

 When he smiled I realized 

I'd passed it on to him.

 I thought about that smile,

 then I realized its worth.

 A single smile, just like mine

 could travel round the earth.

 So, if you feel a smile begin,

 don't leave it undetected.

 Let's start an epidemic quick,

 and get the world infected

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Distant Drums

11th Jan 2022

Prompt for The Sunday Muse: 

This is my first time

Distant Drums

The beat of distant drums 

stirs the silent spirit, 

 wakes the foggy mind, drunk with

 meandering in dark woods.

Now, they say,

come now, we are ready.

Friday, January 7, 2022

Ten Things I'm Grateful For

 7th Dec 2022

Christmas is over, but here I want to continue being joyful and grateful for the many blessings that I have.
So this week I'm joining, as I sometimes do, the Ten Things of Thankful bloghop.

1. I'm so thankful for the wonderful time I had at the Royal Albert Hall in London. What a joy it was to be there for their Carols just before Christmas, and how proud hubby and I were, our hearts fit to burst, to see our grandaughter singing with the Royal Orchestral Society. She's a beautiful singer and an even more beautiful person. A glorious day indeed. 

2. I am so thankful that we got to stay with our  daughter (auntie to said grandaughter) and her gorgeous family in Aylesbury, so that we could all travel to London together. We enjoyed our trip to London, fitting in the lights and a meal at Pizza Express. We met up with another daughter (mum to said grandaughter), and five more grandchildren ( siblings to said grandaughter) who'd also been to the Carols, obviously. We had two wonderful nights.

3. I'm also thankful that, on Christmas Eve, we got to go from Aylesbury  to Oxford and another daughter. A busy, happy house full of children. Everybody was doing something for the Christmas Day celebrations. A grandaughter making, not one but two Christmas logs, one gluten free for grandad. Someone else wrapping sausages with bacon and so much more. All eight children (three were missing - one married and living in Texas, another in London with Covid and having to stay with the boyfriends family, and yet another in Shropshire who was going to the in laws for the first time, though he's been married for nearly seven years) were busy doing something.

4. Staying with Christmas Eve, I'm thankful that we got to go with the family to midnight Mass. Yes, all the children went, even the six and four year olds. Two of the boys were serving . You really feel it's  Christmas when  you've been to midnight Mass. 
"Today a Saviour is born to us, Christ The Lord." 

5. My Faith is the most important thing to me and to see some of my children carry on the Faith in their own lives is just amazing. I must say, I did shed a few tears during the Mass, thanking God for everything. Although we didn't get to bed till three am on Christmas morning, I went to bed with a full heart and with a happiness I though could never be exceeded. 

6.  Then it was Christmas morning. We woke at about 8.0 am and there was no noise in the house, which I thought was unusual. After hubby and I did our prayer meditation, we crept down to the kitchen at 8.30 am to see if anyone was up. a few of the grandchildren were sitting round the table quietly waiting for everyone to come down. It was all very peaceful. Within a few minutes more joined us at the large table, though three of the teenagers didn't appear. We all ate our extra special granola and yogurt with blackcurrant jam - delicious. Cups of tea, glasses of orange juice and questions from the youngest about when we could all go and see if Santa had been. 

7. 10 minutes later mum goes to get the others out of bed, while the rest of us wait outside the living room door. Mum has to go in first. 
Ahh, eventually, about 9.15 am mum creeps into the room by herself to make sure everything is in order. 
Then, gently she opens the door, and we slowly follow the little ones in.

8. "Oh, wow, look..." Patrick, 4, as his eyes take in all the stockings - 8 of them - laying full to bursting in front of the fireplace. But the biggest wow is when he and his sister Annie, 6, spot the plate that was left for Santa, which contains one half eaten mince pie and an empty glass with just the dregs of the brandy at the bottom - proof it had been drunk. And the "nibbled" carrot that the reindeer obviously has a bit of. Then he spots the presents under the tree. Not many, only one for each of the children, but it's still a fair pile considering there are 8 of them. His wonder was the magic of Christmas for me. But before opening any presents,  there's one thing  that must be done first 

9. All this time Patrick had the baby Jesus in his hands ready to place in the crib and now was the time. Looking on as my little grandson lovingly placed the baby Jesus in the manger was a great moment for me. I am so grateful I was there to see him. 
Then we sing :
First, Happy Birthday
Then, Away In a Manger. 
Here is part of their Nativity Scene
I catch hubby looking at me with a tear in his eye. I love him more in that moment. 

10. Later on we have guests come to join us for dinner. The daughter we stayed with in Aylesbury with her hubby and three children. Dinner was roast lamb with rosemary and garlic, gorgeous little roast potatoes, parsnips, carrots, and much more. We all pulled crackers and after grace was said we tucked in. But more than the food what I enjoyed most was the company. After dinner we played card games, much to the delight of all. One in particular took everyone's fancy - you had to take a card which had the name of a Christmas song/carol on it. You had to hum the tune and the others had to guess what it was. I laughed so much my tummy hurt.

I know that's plenty of thankfuls, but they didn't stop there. On the 27th we were still in Oxford when our  grandson visited with his adorable wife and their five children. I was so thankful to see them as we don't get to that  often and they're always an inspiration to us.
We went home in the afternoon, tired , but happy.

On the 29th we had my daughter, her husband and her six children, to dinner. This if the family with the grandaughter who is a singer. I gave them bacon and cabbage and we talked about the wonderful night of the Carols.

I could go on. I've only covered a little of what has been happening in my life and in my family. But it's late. So I'll finish there.

Just to say that I thank God every day for my wonderful hubby and beautiful family.

Thursday, January 6, 2022

The Feast of the Epiphany of The Lord.

 6th Jan 2022

All Nations Shall Fall Prostate Before You, O Lord.

Today is a special Feast 

The Epiphany Of The  Lord

We saw His star as it rose and have come to do the Lord  Homage

The Magi followed the star. Sometimes it went out of sight and they had to have Faith that it was still there. Eventually, the star led them to Bethlehem where they found the king they had been looking for, the Saviour of the world. 

"...and going into the house they saw the child with His mother Mary, and falling to their knees they did Him homage. Then, opening their treasures, they offered Him gifts of Gold and frankincense and myrrh."


Like the Magi, sometimes the star that I follow is hidden from me behind the clouds of the cares of this world. Like the Magi, I want to persevere on the journey so I find my Lord.

 Following my Faith, my star,  takes me to you Lord. When I come to you in the sacraments, or, I should say, when you come to me, in my prayer, in the work of my day, lived for you.

And when I find you Lord what Gold and  Frankincense myrrh will I be able to offer you, Lord? You will not be satisfied until I give you my heart. So take it, Lord, it is yours. Not just my heart, but all of me, my body my mind, everything. All for you. I can only give you Lord what you have already given me.  

The Gold, of my Christian Faith,

The Frankincense of my work done for you,

The Myrrh of the sacrifices I offer to you.

And all this for Love, Love which grows, we don't know how.

The fruit will come

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Day 12

 5th Jan 2022


The 12th Day of Christmas 

Tomorrow, the Feast of The Epiphany. We will celebrate the coming of the Kings to the baby Jesus.

Wishing you all a wonderful feast day for the end of Christmas tomorrow