Tuesday, October 24, 2023

All over the floor

2nd October 2023


All Over the Floor

All over the floor,

From one side of the room 

to the other, 

strewn haphazardly,

lay little mounds of clothes.

She sits in the midst,

her hand reaches for  

a purple jumper,

a tear falls 

and she breathes out 

a slow sigh.

As she always did, 

with black bags that 

were left on her doorstep,

she'd tipped  them out 

all over the floor. 

It was something she always 

felt excited about. 

What would she find

among the clothes, the brick o back, the books.?

Always something she needed, 

for the children or the house. 

But always, too, an unexpected 


Like the time,

it was near Christmas

when there was a pair of 

burgandy coloured patent shoes,

the sort you'd go out dancing in, 

the sort she loved but 

couldn't buy for herself,

the sort she could now wear to the 

Christmas party with their friends.