Sunday, April 19, 2015


Day 20:  20th April, 20th poem:

The challenge from napowrimo for today is to write a landay. That is a 22 syllable rhyming couplet with 9 syllables in the first line and 13 in the second. The form comes from  Afghanistan and is usually written by women. I thought I'd give it a go.

Do not  stare, I'm no different , I'm me,
Downs syndrome is who I am, pleased to meet you, don't flea.

Why did you throw me out in the cold
Please let me back home in the warm, I'll be good, not bold.

Don't pass by without a second glance
Look me in the eye, give some money, my life enhance.

This baby she won't stop her crying,
If she don't stop, I'll go round the bend, I ain't lying.

You never came home last night to me,
So from that I take it she was better company.


  1. What a great collection of landays. I think my favourite is the last one!

  2. Thank you. The last is my favourite too. Keep writing xx

  3. Nice work...the last one is indeed an attention grabber...NaPoWriMo keeps us writing for sure. Thanks for stopping by Marian :)

  4. Thanks Sly for your comments Sly. Glad you liked it. Yes, if it wasn't for napowrimo few words would have appeared on my blog this last three weeks. I am so happy to be part of it and only hope I make it to April 30 xx

  5. Great collection. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the last landay the most I think!! #LoveandInk

  6. Thanks Kiana. I think it's good if we can encourage each other. And yes. the last is my favourite. It flows the best.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Like others here, I love the last one. You are quite amazing, following all the prompts. I've followed some....but in the spirit of NaPoWriMo, have written a poem each day -- many without prompts, spurred on by imagination.
    Two things to add here: 1) are the drawings yours? Meandering through your blog, I am really drawn to the drawings! They are so real -- even though not. They draw me in....what all art (poetry or drawing or painting or sculptures) is supposed to do, right?
    2) we are sympatico -- which if you've not read my About or meandered about my site -- you may not have realized. One way, not apparent in my blog, I directed a Global MBA and thus traveled about the world --- and chose to return with my spouse, several times to London -- love love love the UK. Hiked with Wayfairs also, through Cornwall. Also -- I too am a grandmother -- which you'll see in today's post :) So glad to meet you....will meander more through your site and plan to visit often! Keep writing....and if you are doing the drawings, keep putting your words into pictures too!

  8. Thank you so much Lilian. The drawings are my husbands - he is the artist, great isn't he???
    So glad to meet you too . Hope you get this message. xx

  9. Well done, Marian. I don't see how I can follow your blog. Am I missing the follow button?

  10. First, thank you for the comment to my poem from yesterday. Secondly, I really enjoyed reading through your April poetry collection so far. You do a good job of looking at your family and the world around you in different ways. Good luck making it to the end of the month. Some days are harder than others!

  11. Thanks Kathy. And reading through my poetry-I feel honoured. Yes, I'm hoping to make it to the 30th. Giving it my best shot, anyhow. Hope you get this post

  12. very nice landays, i enjoyed it...

  13. I like your landays. They all strike me as so sad. (I'm so glad she taught us this form this year.) I also like how you have a theme of striving for connection running throughout the poems.

  14. Thank you, Heidi, I suppose I do have a theme of striving for connection - don't know where that came from. It certainly wasn't purposeful


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