Monday, April 20, 2015

Children Are Sometimes Irritating

Day 21:   21st April,  21st poem
The sun is shining, the sea is like a millpond - a springlike morning.

Just to follow the prompt I have given my poem a title that has a truth that cannot be refuted ( up to you). I had fun with this today. Thought it was a bit Joyce Grenville-ish. It's a bit tame in comparison to some of the times when I tried to gather my own children together, but...

Children Are Sometimes Irritating

Ah here's the book
Right let's sit down 
I'll tell you a story.
Need the loo mum ...
OK, Sam, 
Hurry up then...
No... you guys
Stay here
Keep still, 
He won't be long.
Here you are...
Come on.. sit , sit...
Now where were we??
No, you can't ..
Sit next to me,
It's Georgie's turn today,
But mum,
I can't see 
the book,
Well look,
Come sit on my lap
This wonderful story...
Yes, I see you've 
Cut your finger Chris, 
Oh dear, oh dear,
I'll get a plaster
When we're done...
OK, Alex, get Chris a plaster
Would you love!
Quickly mind!
No, don't cry,
No, I'm not angry..
Let's snuggle together...
Ok, everyone ready  ???
Let's begin...
Once upon a time...
Brrring... brrring...brrring,
Bloody phone!!


  1. So typical - and that is for a fun reading. When it comes to giving granddaughters a piano lesson, for example ...

  2. I remember those days! Mine are teens now. Thank you for the reminder that some things are much easier with a bit more age!

  3. yes it is like Joyce Grenville

  4. So true -- like puppies or baby ducks, all over the place and none of them in the same way! Reminds me of good times.

  5. Replies
    1. Really? It does seem to touch a nerve with a lot of people. Thanks for your comment

  6. Hehehe. What a great picture you've painted in rhyme! I giggle because I don't have kids... yet. Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  7. Thanks Rachel . It's just such memories that bring me a smile when I think of the past.

  8. Endearing. This is sort of like trying to herd cats.

  9. This was brilliantly written, and I reminder to me why I do not have children *laughs* Bless all mothers/grandmothers everywhere... you have nerves of steel!

  10. This made me smile, and my grandchildren are yet but 2-1/2 years and 5 months. A light-hearted memory to cherish here. Thank you for visiting my poem-a-day as well!

  11. i can't find where to place my LIKE here...where 's the LIKE?

  12. Happy you like it Ramsey. Not sure about the like thing

  13. So funny! Phones are always irritating!

  14. So many things use to interrupt our "special time". Phones just seemed to encompass the whole, what with their urgent ringing, not letting us ignore them.


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