Friday, April 17, 2015

Acting The Story

OK so it's
Day 18: 18th April, 18th poem  -

Acting The Story

Room set up ,
Hat - ready,
Clammy hands fumble with words -
 No more time to check,
Props in four piles,
Anticipating adventure.
Two wait,
Wait and chat,
Chit chat,
Say nothing
Open the window,
Wait ,
Wait - for...
They will come,
They will...
Clock time-sixth glance,
Two minutes...
And then, 
Seeing  double ,
Checked shirts slowly creep in,
Twins - boys
Next - sisters -walking tight as one,
Hand gripping hand
For safety,
The younger -- fair,
The older dark.
They came,
The storyteller looks for her hat,
Deep breath...
Now we begin...

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