Monday, April 27, 2015


Day 27:  27th April, 27th Poem

We can be hungry in so many ways. I have not done justice to my original idea, but:
Oh, and by the way, notice that each line starts with H or F .. Any thoughts ???


How hungry suffers, he's
Hungry for food, but also
Hungry for a roof, for clothes to wear
For warmth, good health and friendship
For self esteem, for work,
For education, appreciation, he's
Hungry to be needed,  to belong,
Hungry for a smile, a touch, he's
Hungry for love, for the sun,  for the spirit,
Hungry to be free, to be normal,
Hungry for love.


  1. I love all the different examples of ways a person can be hungry. To me, the "F" suggests "fed."

  2. lovely. thank you for commenting on my blog. you are so blessed with such a large family :)

  3. This poem made feel grateful for all that I have! :)

  4. Thanks everyone. I enjoyed doing this one.


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