Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Music of Life

11th April 2018

As the noise in the church hall buzzed around us while we prepared dinner for fifty, with the accompaniment of clattering pans and tinkling glasses and happy laughter, i was reminded that this time last year I was just getting over a problem I'd had with my hearing. It's interesting how much you notice different sounds and appreciate them when you've been struggling to make sense of the world whilst "locked in" your own quiet space. It's earily isolating. It has given me an empathy with those like some of the people we served today who suffer so much with hearing loss.
Last year I wrote a poem about it:

9th April :
For a few months I have been troubled with poor hearing. It was probably wax and has since cleared up - well almost. Whilst not being able to hear that well I discovered how much I value ( or should value) that particular sense.

The Music of Life

It occurs to me to be thankful 
That I can hear those particular sounds.
His soft voice -  a whisper,
"Are you awake?"
Delicate singing of birds greeting 
The day.
Welcome sound of water running 
In the kitchen,
Kettle boiling,
Cups clattering,
Tinkling of spoon,
Music playing - radio 2, 
Soft steps on the stair,
When he  brings the tray
With morning tea.

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Buzz of bee circling the garden,
Water bubbling in pond 
Disturbed by fish.
Engine of aeroplane 
In distant blue.
Revving of neighbours car
Like clockwork.
Fluttering sound of trees 
Rustling leaves in breeze.
Shrieks of joy from children 
Two gardens down.
And the doorbell ringing
Calling me urgently 
To come and answer 

For all the above 
And much, much, more,
I am so thankful


  1. Having a brother with severe hearling loss, i am very thankful for my hearing and try hard to protect it.

    1. Yes I agree we need to protect it , that's for sure..x

  2. Living with a hearing loss, I so appreciate this poem, and all the little sounds that add meaning and beauty to our lives. I was amazed when I first got hearing aids at what all I had been missing for so long! XO

  3. I'm a life-long lover of poetry, beautiful work!

  4. This is perfectly lovely. You included many of my favorite sounds. My mother and grandmother both suffered hearing loss as they aged, and I fear that I too have begun down that same path. So, I found your words especially touching. Thank you for sharing them.

  5. I've often wondered, if I had to live without one of my senses, would it be hearing or seeing. I'm an auditory learner, so I appreciate being able to hear words. One of my favorite sounds is the gurgling of the coffee pot each morning.

    1. Unfortunately Val I don't have a gurgling pot of coffee to listen to in the mornings.
      Thanks for your comment


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