Sunday, April 15, 2018

From Where

15th April 2018

Here are some ramblings in response to Origens , by Imelda Maguire:

From Where Do I Come

I come from the edge of the city,
that suburban, semi-detached, quiet place on the hill,
from a father who was orphaned before he could speak, 
who remembered the bomb shelters, the ration books.
From a father who was himself evacuated during the war.
I come from that "we worked hard to get here"  place.
My father proud to have had an education, 
proud to have become, "blue collar"
to have left the trowel behind.
I come from that stock of women
who made more of what they were given,
who rose  from the soil of their ancestors. 
From a mother who ran, ran barefoot 
from  want and hunger.
Who spent her life adding to her funds,
working hard for her money, saving her money,
afraid somehow, it might evaporate.
I come from that country of alone, 
where all physical needs were cared for 
but where, my heart was barren wasteland,
where the hope of my father hung round my neck
a noose strangling my own true longing. 
I come from a family of fighters 
Chains are loosened and the battle goes on 


  1. wow! I love this! you are quite the poet!!! zoe

    1. Thank you Zoe. You've given me quite a boost calling me a poet.

  2. Deep thoughts about family and how their shaping in turn shapes us.

  3. I enjoyed reading your poem. You depicted your parents struggles vividly.

  4. That leaves one wanting more to the extent that it could be the start of an entire novel — or biography.

  5. Well written, Marian. Hope you are well.

    1. Thanks Wayne . I'm fine. What about you?

    2. I'm doing well, thank you. Good to hear from you. Keep writing. :)


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