Monday, April 9, 2018


9th April.

Here is the first flower this year on our pond. A sign of hope that spring in definitely trying to break through. There are green leaves also on my rose bushes and they are thrusting forward with new growth .
It was a special moment as I waited for just a few seconds before taking this picture. An encounter with a fresh beginning, right at the start of the promised unfolding .
It's a funny thing the idea of encounter.
How many ways can we make an encounter? There must be many.
I encounter peculiar people when travelling by train to London.
I'll just tell you about one.
For the most part nobody gives eye contact, preferring their newspapers- the Metro, the Daily Mail, the Gaurdian - or their phones on which they watch endless episodes of their favourite soaps or they might be on their laptops and tablets where they tap away as if the world as they know it would collapse around them should they dare to look away from the screen.
But occasionally someone will pick me out , will try to talk to me. Yes, quite odd. And it doesn't depend on weather or not I'm reading my book or looking at my phone. I must have something about me that says, "yes, she looks as if she's desperate to hear my story"
Anyway, last week I had to change trains and while waiting for the next one, standing quietly by myself, a lady started a conversation - just about trains and waiting . As our train pulled into the station i thought ( and hoped) we would go our separate ways.
But no!
She had saved me a seat  ( so kind, you might say)!
So, for the next two stops I listened to her tell of her great excitement about her friend's 40th birthday which was where she was headed. They were going to be going to a spa at a local hotel and then back to the house of her friend to watch films  ( Paddington Bear, no less), drink Prosceco and laugh , yes they were going to do a lot of laughing , she assured me.
I said very little , but by the time we arrived at her stop it was like she thought we were "best friends"!!
"How lovely to meet you," she beamed, "I hope you have a great weekend."
I said goodbye politely and settled back with my soduko puzzle for the last part of my journey.

So, was that a "real" encounter, bearing in mind that at the end of it she knew virtually nothing about me??

This poem from last April deals with the desire for encounter:

The Mountain

I build a mountain , monument to passions,
Daily piling on more earth,
The soil of attachments,
Keeping me from getting close
To you

So much now stands in the air between us
That space that isn't space
Filled as it is with life's distractions
 I cannot hope to crawl close
To see you

And suddenly all seems like dust
A pile of nothing but rubbish
And what's important,  I now see
Is how will  I get  near
To you

So, with teaspoon, I dig at the face
Of the huge mountainside
Little by little arm swinging in rolling rhythm
I throw the dirt behind until I get
To you


  1. I have no idea if others have found this to be true, but it seems that the more crowded the population, the less likely people are to want to make eye contact and to have conversations, whereas people tend to stop and chat in small towns and settings. I think your seat mate obviously was very excited about the purpose of her journey and just wanted to share, but I agree, at least letting you get a word in edge wise would have been nice. There are so many reasons people may be traveling. Some may be in need of thinking time, resting time, pondering those things they may be encountering at the end of their journey, preparation time, etc. Learning to pick up on the signs is important, but some find that easier to do than others.

    1. Thanks Pat. I just find it interesting how, although she learnt nothing of me at all, she felt so connected. It goes to show how important it is to listen to others.

  2. We were made to be in relationships, to connect with others. You probably look like a lovely person who will listen, and people who need to connect are drawn to you. It's a blessing, although a bit of a trial, also.

    1. I didn't mind really . And yes we were made to be in relationship . But it was a bit like an epiphany moment , realising how much listening matters. I had purposefully not spoken about myself , only about her. x

  3. You must be a good listener! Though your new best friend probably should have let you talk, too, it sounds like you made a difference to her by just listening.

    1. It didn't matter that she didn't let me talk for, as you say, it made a difference to her that I listened . And that's important.

  4. I have experienced this same situation, and I wonder what it is that sends out signals we are listeners. I am glad you took the time to let her ramble on about her excitement, I am guessing that no one often listens to her. It is a gift that we can give. It is funny though, that so often in such situations, and even sometimes in friendships, no one bother to inquire back about the listener. I often wonder if most people really know me at all. We lead such busy lives now and our acquaintances live distant where we can't just sit down over tea and catch up. By evening my fingers are too tired and sore of typing to write more in email, so we all smile and greet each other and go on with our lives. I wish the world could slow down and we all had more time for shared encounters! <3

    Visit me at Josie Two Shoes

    1. Yes, I sometimes wish there were more times for catching up with friends over a cuppa. But no one seems to have any time. There was a period in my life when I had all the children at home and would leave the front door on the latch so friends could( and they did ) just walk in. No one calls on the off chance anymore... everything has to be planned... oh well , I won't go on. Thanks for all your kind comments on my ramblings ...

  5. This has happened to me too. They talk and talk and never know me or even ask one thing about me. It's always puzzling, but apparently they are excited about what they are about to do. I just let them talk too.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

    1. Thanks for your kind comment Sandee. In my experience most people usually love talking about themselves and if someone is willing to listen they just go for it...

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    1. Thanks for your comment Elizabeth. I'm glad you agree ....


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