Thursday, July 11, 2019

Irish Adventure

11th July 2019

Adventures in Ireland

We are home now, got back five days ago, although our ferry docked in Pembroke very late the Tuesday before. We spent a few days seeing children as we made our way to our own house and our own bed. 
Not that we missed the bed, we sleep very well in the camper, thank you.
 Nor did we miss the house, now a good advertisement for "The Day  of the Triphids" - the weeds were literally two feet high and that was just after nine weeks. 
And when one of the children said , "are you EVER coming home ?" after about the sixth week.... well, we were very nearly tempted not to.
Here I am at the farm, now derelict , where my grandmother was born and grew up and yes, it's raining. It is the Emerald Isle, after all. But not even the rain put a damper on my imaginations as I thought how I'd like to live here and look out at the same mountains that she looked out at all those years ago. Unlike the house, which has no firm foundations, my roots go back a long way around these parts. The years merged closer as I Imagined Nan when she was a child playing with her brothers and sisters . So much space to roam. 
I am glad to be home.
Happy to see the children and grandchildren - there's only a few left to see and then we'll have touched base with them all.
But, we had the most amazing adventure in Ireland, so we did.
More to come - hopefully, when I get more time. Odd how you can be so busy just living.