Wednesday, December 28, 2022


 19th Oct 2022

The prompt for the six sentence story this week is  structure.

Let's go.

The more I ponder the world around me the greater my loves grows

 for the wonderful order of  it all,

 from mountains and rivers, to the seas and the life  within them, 

to trees and animals, to planets and stars and

 the beautiful variety of the human population.

 Everything has its own unique pattern, its own reality, its own being.

The mountain maintains its place, standing majestically, as it should,

like all the rest,

doing as they are meant to do. 

And you and I, we also have our place to be, our way to live,

 our  part in this story.

Happy Christmas

  28th Dec

A Very Happy Christmas to You

  In our family we continue to celebrate Christmas, so I wish you the Peace, Joy and Love of the Christ Child this 4th day of Christmas.

      We have a Christmas party tomorrow with families from our ParisIh and the next day my daughter will host another family Christmas Day. There will be others, but more impropmtu, like a meet up for the Ist Jan, when we remember Mary as the Mother of God, before we finish with a party for the Feast of the Kings on the 6th Jan. 

       I will continue to wish people Happy Christmas, even though they might think I'm mad and shout back at me, "You mean Happy New Year , Love!" No I don't , I try and explain, but they've usually moved off by then. Even in the Church people look at me askance, as if to say, "hey, Christmas is over, thank goodness." What a shame. I also still have some Christmas Cards that I intend to give out at the party tomorrow. 

What do you do during the Twelve Days of Christmas. I hope you're having a wondrous time.