Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Six sentence / share

31st Jan 2017

Hi everyone I'd like to share something with you, not because the word for the six sentence challenge this week is "share" but because it's good writing and will resound with a lot of you mums out there. It's my daughter's blog. She has only just started but her writing is brill. Hope you agree.
Please read and comment


Also , here's this week's six sentence challenge :


Di walked slowly into the beautifully decorated hall, her eyes scanning the roomful  of noisy, happy  people for the couple whose 25th wedding anniversary the celebration was for.
She nearly didn't come, knowing how difficult it would be to face John with his wife after having spent the last year or so being his confidant, listening to his "my wife doesn't understand me" stories, but as Debbie and John were her good friends she didn't want to let them down and found herself edging closer to where they were, surrounded by friends and family.
She had loved John, without him ever guessing,  since her first week with Bolings Solicitors, so when John came to her after work one evening and asked if he could share some secrets with her, she knew immediately that she had to make the decision whether to encourage his disillusionment  or to give him back his marriage.
As he hugged his wife close he spotted Di coming towards them and gave her a wink, a wink that said "thank you for today" , a wink she hoped nobody else had spotted .
She smiled back, deeply happy for them both but empty inside, remembering how conscientiously he'd followed her advice that it was the little things that mattered , like putting the bin out,  listening to her tell about her day, cooking her a meal and putting a candle on the table, and making time for her, to really love her.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sinking ( given)

Thursday 26th January 2017

Six sentence challenge:

The prompt  today is : "given"

Staring at Tamara sitting quietly, playing with a jigsaw puzzle, Tracy asked, Lisa, half in jest, what she had given her.
Seeing her daughter calm and happy just made her feel more inadequate as a mother.
Tracy had decided it would be easier to go back to work than wear herself out trying to cope, by herself, with her hyperactive daughter.
Finding Lisa was easy and although she assured Tracy that, having had five children of her own, she would have no problem with three year old Tamara, Tracy was not convinced.
But now, as she walked home in the rain, she struggled with feelings of failure , overwhelmed her, even though in her work she was a respected, highly motivated professional.
She might well be able to hold her own in a firm of solicitors, but what good was that when, in the one area of her life that mattered to her most, she felt completely out of her depth.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


The fire, the music, the variety of other customers, were all most welcome  after our hour long walk to Reculver in the biting cold. Even the coffee was reasonable and not Costa, which was it's overriding  good point. We sat and relaxed, me observing and listening, and my other half sketching the regulars at the bar. Later we discussed how they might be able to afford to prop the bar up , buying rounds for their friends and doing the same again the next day. Most ordinary people couldn't manage it. So we thought maybe we were in the company of lottery winners or people with inheritance left them or maybe even bank robbers.

24th Jan 2017

We'd planned our walk as part of our practice for walking the Camino Way, which we hope to do this summer We want to be fit enough to do the 500 (I think) odd miles over six weeks. 
And we do need lots of practice. 
We are thinking of walking from Herne Bay to Margate in the near future and getting the train back. That would be a four hour walk - more than we've completed so far.
But apart from all that there is the fact that we really enjoy the walking. Being out together, chatting as we go along, spotting things along the way. 
There is something that touches the spirit too. Hard to put into words.
And isn't the world full of dog walkers. You feel a bit strange just walking for the sheer pleasure of it.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted.

If you've done the Santiago de Compostella Pilgrimage I'd certainly like to hear from you.
Also, if you intend to do it - especially this summer.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Six sentences prompt - Turn

19th January.

Good morning everyone. What jot this morning to see a little blue tit on the tree in my garden. With the blue sky behind and beautiful through the branches it was just glorious. So, on went my walking boots and out I went to enjoy it more.

I'm going with a prompt today . Six sentences with the cue, turn.


Steve carefully started packing the box, the one the warden had given him, with books , pens, personal possessions and the few photos that had been posted up on his cell wall for the last three years.
One of the pictures caught his attention and picking it up he slumped on his bed, staring at it, remembering a happier time with his wife and daughter when life was carefree and full of hope.
A tear fell on the image as he recalled how difficult the last few years had been for them all as they fought together to have the verdict overturned.
Fighting the appeal had taken its toll and the joy that he should have felt on this day, the day they had all been waiting for when he was to walk out into the world a free man, was buried in a tired preoccupation with the mundane  details of getting out.
As he taped up the box he wondered how he might pick up his life again, how he get would get work, and most importantly how he would make things right with his wife, who had struggled so much to keep things together.
Carrying his few belongings, he stepped purposefully out of his cell, walked down the long corridors lined with noisy inmates wishing him well, out through the great main doors of the prison and didn't even turn to glance back as he headed for the car that was waiting for him with its engine running.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Creeping into 2017

17th Jan 2017

That is officially the first time I have written 2017 in my blog. I know, I know, it's already the 17th day of January, so where was I, especially when I promised to be more active with my posts.

I have no excuse. Life has been busy as the Christmas holidays always are. We try to see all the children in the twelve days and by the the time the Feast of the Epiphany comes round we're pretty much exhausted and need to recharge our batteries. And then comes my birthday less than a week later and, of course, I want to have another chance of getting some of my brood together again ( seventeen this time) for a celebration . So, that having just happened last weekend I am crawling back to my words, albeit a little slowly. Not that I've left them behind altogether. I am still keeping my journal - almost daily. But I've been so tired that's all I've been able to cope with .

So I am just creeping into this New Year, on my knees, very slowly . What are my goals, what do I hope to have done by the time 2018 ( ouch, that was painful...) comes around? I looked back at the dreams I had for the year 2016 and most of them have not materialised, but they are the same ones for this year. One of them is to get an anthology of my poems printed/published . This is quite achievable if I am willing to do the work. So, maybe this is the year that will happen.

There are a few other things I'd like to achieve - Running 5k , swimming the crawl ....and more that I'll keep to myself for now. And I'm looking forward to the better weather to be able to go out running and walking more.

What would you like to achieve in 2017???  Share your dreams with the rest of us.