Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Year On..

21 st June 2016
I won't talk about the EU referendum - there's enough of that. Just make sure you vote, whatever your view.

A new grandchild was born this time last year and we've had two more since then . There will be two more new babies in the family during the coming weeks - another grandchild and a great-grandchild. The family is growing and I love it. But more important than the size is the fact that they all have a great love for one another. That's a great blessing and it's what brings so much happiness my way ...

So, responding to the short poem that I wrote last year when Fliss was born, I just wanted to ponder on happiness. Fliss gave us cause for concern as did her mum, but a year on is the picture of health, always smiling and bringing a great deal of love to all who meet her.

Don't Wait

Don't wait to be happy,
Till some time in the future,
For it to come and find you,
For someone else to bring it to you,
For, it will never come.
Be happy now,
For it is your decision,
For it is in your grasp
Now is the time,
Do not wait,
Now is the time to be ,

Grandad's New Little Darling

So small, yet so perfect,
Head the size of
A medium orange
Fingers like tiny twigs
On thin branches
Legs as thick
As grandad's fingers.
You open your eyes
Look into his,
No, it was a smile.
Paying attention to
His love.
You are,
His new,
"Little Darling"
And already,
Little one,
You know.
So small, yet so perfect

Friday, June 10, 2016


10th June

OK so it's been a while since I've posted anything here on my blog. I have no excuses, except to say that I haven't felt the least bit inspired. My mind has been in a bit of a foggy place where thinking at all has been an effort that I've tried to avoid .. Just feels like hard work... Well, just to point out that I am still there , but there is also a little bit of me that can't help wanting to talk to you all. And to find out what is going on with all of my readers. By the way, thanks for all your lovely comments. They really do keep my spirits up. Knowing that someone - anyone - has enjoyed and appreciated some words of mine gives me such encouragement.

So, with it being June,  the weather being so good, the sun coming up so early, I was reminded of  a time in the past when we went out to meet the dawn.....


Before the other campers stir,
In the anonymous womb of darkness,
The world is at rest 
Before the forest wakes 
The "almost light" of just before dawn
Says goodbye to the night.

Tent sides damp with hope of  the new day,
You breathe in the fresh promise of morning,
And slowly, anticipating, open your eyes ,
Turn -  see their little bodies- still, quiet,
Curled up in sleeping bags
Just moments before awakening.

As the birds begin their greeting,
In the half light 
You crawl around, finding
Trousers, trainers jumpers- falling 
Into one another, rubbing your eyes,
Whispering, whispering shared secrets.

The zip - noisy - breaks into 
The mystery of  dawn,
And out you step onto the dewy grass
And creep, staying close together,into the forest,
The dark being coaxed away 
By the light of the new day. 

The universe is unveiled before you
With only the sound of your breathing
All around you is coming to life
And then the little one nudges you 
Excitedly - points a little way ahead
And you all stop, thrilled.

There, grazing in the early morn
A herd of deer.
You keep as still as a mountain ,
And stare, mouths wide open,
For ages, until, spooked, they run off,
You return to the tent
For hot chocolate and toast