Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Year On..

21 st June 2016
I won't talk about the EU referendum - there's enough of that. Just make sure you vote, whatever your view.

A new grandchild was born this time last year and we've had two more since then . There will be two more new babies in the family during the coming weeks - another grandchild and a great-grandchild. The family is growing and I love it. But more important than the size is the fact that they all have a great love for one another. That's a great blessing and it's what brings so much happiness my way ...

So, responding to the short poem that I wrote last year when Fliss was born, I just wanted to ponder on happiness. Fliss gave us cause for concern as did her mum, but a year on is the picture of health, always smiling and bringing a great deal of love to all who meet her.

Don't Wait

Don't wait to be happy,
Till some time in the future,
For it to come and find you,
For someone else to bring it to you,
For, it will never come.
Be happy now,
For it is your decision,
For it is in your grasp
Now is the time,
Do not wait,
Now is the time to be ,

Grandad's New Little Darling

So small, yet so perfect,
Head the size of
A medium orange
Fingers like tiny twigs
On thin branches
Legs as thick
As grandad's fingers.
You open your eyes
Look into his,
No, it was a smile.
Paying attention to
His love.
You are,
His new,
"Little Darling"
And already,
Little one,
You know.
So small, yet so perfect


  1. The only comment on the EU thingy can be 'Eeeeuw!'
    You certainly do amazingly on the kid and grandkid department - we only have four of the latter.

  2. Thanks so much for visiting Buttercupland. I enjoy making new friends around the world and please come and visit often. I try to only blog upbeat topics. Don't expect to be writing about EU or the US elections. Your family sounds lovely!

  3. Beautiful. I love the happy poem. Contentment at its best, that thought. :) Thanks for your visit and kind comment!


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