Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Paint has Dried all Blue

9th Nov 2017

Prompt from six sentence stories :


The Paint has Dried all Blue

Lily fell backwards and turned her face away to avoid the hot air as she opened the oven door.
"Be careful," called her father from the living room where he sat, surrounded by papers, old photos and  plates and cups with food congealed hard into them.
She carried the tray with a tea towel, stepping between all the debris and stood in front of him, her fair hair falling in wispy waves down her red face.
"Look dad, the paint has dried all blue," she frowned as put the figures that she'd baked on the floor in front of him and knelt beside them.
"They're lovely, hun and mum would be so proud of you carrying on her tradition," he stroked her head with one hand whilst wiping away a tear with the other.
Lily's mum had died of cancer eight months before at the age of thirty seven and Lily struggled to do everything she thought her mother would have liked , including making crib figures out of salt dough, which was an activity they normally did together.
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  1. That's a poignant tale. You got a lot out of your six sentences.

  2. In this case, blue is perfect. This is heart-tugging.

  3. very engaging, no small feat in six sentences... excellent story.

  4. Death is sad at any time but even more poignant when it is a young person with a young family. They are clearly not coping and the little girl is doing her best to cheer her father by doing the things that her mother (and she) did. Beautifully written.

  5. A truly moving tale and a delight to read.

  6. A mother and child separation is heart-rending for both. Maybe her soul pines for her daughter too...

  7. The pain for this little girl and her father is clearly still raw. Trying to do the things they always did together makes perfect sense, even though they know it won't be quite the same without mom. This is sad and beautiful. A tragic separation I can't even begin to imagine.

  8. I'm sure the spirit of her mother is nearby looking on approvingly. Holidays are quite often difficult after a loved one has passed. Good SSS!

  9. You conveyed the grief, the emotions still raw in this family, beautifully. And the picture illustrates your story perfectly.

    I am faced with the prospect (though I doubt it will happen, but it is still a threat hanging in the air) of my children leaving me next year. And I ache profoundly for them as well as for myself.

    In the mean time, I'm having a Thanksgiving dinner in advance next weekend, with the whole family present. And we'll make sure we enjoy our time as a family.

    Thank you for your beautiful words

    1. Thank you Dawn. Have the children gone?
      Hope you're enjoying them still


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