Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Walk By ?

27th Nov 2017

I'm joining the six sentence story challenge this week, for want of any inspiration.
 The word we've been given  is "mate":

Walk By ?

"Got any change mate?" he pushed his hand forward in front of you and you noticed that the creases in it were lined with black grime, a sign that he'd been sleeping rough for some time.
You went to move away, to avoid contact, your heart rate rising, your stomach turning cartwheels, but something kept you rooted to the spot, even though everything was telling you to just brush past him.
You were about to say "sorry" and walk on when you looked up and caught his gaze, pleading , sad , honest, so instead you said, "hang on a minute," while you rummaged in your pocket and pulled out a fiver.
"Thank you sir, thank you so much," he took the money and kept bowing,  "I'll use it wisely, promise."
As he walked away, bent over with the burden of his belongings in a sack on his back , you tried to compose yourself, to get back to what you were doing, to catch your train, but you were disturbed.
You wondered what had brought him to this point, so instead of catching your train that day you turned around and went in search of him, in search of the man who got under your skin, to hear his story and maybe do a little more to help.

I know it's another one about the homeless. It's just that it's winter and I hate the thought of anyone not having a home and some food to keep them well.


  1. It's why i work with the homeless ministry, and yes, when i see them, i buy them hot food, and have even bought them coats. Having listened to the stories, i know how we are just a couple of paychecks away from being almost in the same boat.

    1. You are very compassionate; that’s a good thing.

  2. You've covered a range of emotion and human condition in a mere 6 sentences. Well done for reminding us there is time in the day for caring.

  3. Well done, generous use of the six.

  4. Such a timely message, especially during this winter weather. Although there are shelters, etc. the need is greater than the demand. Mental illness, very unfortunate circumstances, and insufficient job opportunities that provide sufficient living wages play such a part in this dilemma.

    Good SSS.


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