Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Octpowrimo 31 Water

1st Nov 2017

So, we come to the end of October and the end of the octpowrimo challenge. I have enjoyed ot so much and looking back on the month I can see that some of my random words might be worthy of a revisit , so that'll keep me busy.

So here is my last offering

My theme for these two poems


I am the river
sometimes strong, fierce,
sometimes a trickle, almost
I am the river,
wide, winding,  full
then rushing, gushing,
down from the
I am the river
many lives depend on me
I am the river

Clouds, close can almost touch
white wisps blotting blue
or, slate grey and green.
Down the scree a waterfall steps
depositing pools in plateaus
dropping in sheets - six,
seven metres
filling the air with whooshing
background sound
Along valley floor
flows the water
it snakes its way more slowly till
departing, disappearing behind
A mountain

Cascade d'Ars


  1. I like your take on the river. Particularly "wide, winding, full, then rushing, gushing"

    And I like how you contrasted the colours and made the sounds come to life in the cascade.

    Thank you for sharing your words over the past month. I've enjoyed reading you!

  2. Lovely poem. I felt, saw, and heard the river with your strong images. Thanks so much for sharing your poems with us this October. I enjoyed your work. Hugs and happy writing. xoA


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