Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Well

22nd June 2017.

Welcome to the six sentence challenge for this week. The word is "well".

The Well

Nicoshi peered over the small brick wall and tried to see to the bottom of the well.
There was no bucket attached to the rope, curled up neatly as it was, with a meter or so  hanging  loose, which made him wonder if, somehow , the said bucket had fallen and was now buried under water way down at the bottom.
He leaned in, straining  both body and eyes, but all he could see was the wall that stretched  far below,

becoming a pool of  deep blackness.  Image result for pictures of wells

Desperate now to find  water, he takes hold of the rope and, guiding himself by wedging his feet against the wall,  descended, slowly, resurfacing some minutes later with a perfectly good, dry,  wooden bucket tied to his belt.
While he slumped  onto  the parched earth, against the wall , trying to put himself in as much shade as possible, he looked around the arid landscape to find a tree or something to give a bit of relief,  but there was no escaping the hot afternoon sun.
This was the third day he'd been on the run, hiding and without any form of sustenance and now he puts his hand in his pocket and pulls out a photo of a young woman with a little girl and himself, which he strokes with fingers wet with tears .


  1. Oh, that's a good one - well done! Good hook, interesting character, and nice hint of a backstory.

  2. Oh, this one tugs at the heart! Living here in the heat of West Texas, I can too easily imagine what it would be like to be out in that sun with no water. I never go anywhere without a bottle of water in my hand, the sun is relentless. I really want to know more about this story, maybe you should think about a sequel next week. Somehow I really want him to be safely reunited with his family against all odds. Awesome writing, Maz! <3

  3. You said so much in so few words. I felt the heat. Excellent

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  4. Wow.That's a strong showing. Effective ending with water, albeit his tears.

  5. What an excellently written Six! (I say that 'cause I'm still trying to decide what I think it is he being chased, is he chasing something... lol very nicely done)

  6. Oh wow, this is good. I want more of the story!


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