Friday, June 9, 2017


9th June

Here is another six sentence story:
The word was "lift"

Mike was riding home late that evening,  battling against the rain and wind, when he saw her standing by the side of the road, young, dressed in jeans and jumper but with no coat.
Putting his foot hard on the brakes the motorbike screeched to a sliding stop about fifty feet up the road, just avoiding going into the ditch, and walking back he saw her waiting there,  long wet hair falling down her face, eyes on him, her hand raised expectantly and as he approached her he asked , "Can I give you a lift somewhere?"
"Yes please, home," she said, holding the hand  he held out for her and giving  him her name and address.
She sat behind him on the motorcycle as  he drove off slowly but after a few minutes he was aware that her arms she was no longer wrapped around  him so, fearfully,  he turned back to search,  thinking she must have  fallen off.
Tired with trying to find her in the dark, he decided to drive to her home, which wasn't far away and at least inform her parents who would want to get the police involved.
He took a deep breath before  knocking  on the door and when a middle aged woman opened it he stumbled over his words saying, "Does a Diane Coulter live here ?"
The woman's face became a bit grey  and as she asked him in she started , "She did once, but she died twelve years ago when a truck mowed her down on an evening just like this actually, just down the road there ...."


  1. Oooh, I wasn't expecting that ending when the story began! It gave me chills! :-) Who wouldn't stop to assist someone standing by the side of the road soaking wet from the rain? I suspect he is going to have a hard time forgetting about this experience and may avoid that road altogether from now on if possible! Great story, Maz, excellent take on the prompt!!

  2. Oooh chills!!!! Well done!!! Ivy

  3. This gave me the chills. Excellent story.

  4. Well that's mighty chilling!


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