Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Walk With Orange

6th June 2017

In this Election week many of us are concerned about the future of the country and maybe of the world.
Recent events in Manchester and London have caused  quite a disturbance to our peace .
However, the response to those who would try to take our freedom away from us is surely to use it and get out and vote on Thursday.
We all have the freedom to vote for whoever we think will do a good job of running the country for us. I am not going to say which name/party you should put your cross against. But just be sure to go and do it.
If the majority of the country got out to the polling stations, wouldn't that be a vote for freedom and democracy and fly in the face of those who would interfere with them.

Anyway enough of that. I'd like to share a little bit of writing I did today for a workshop.

We were asked to choose a colour and then take a walk for about half an hour, taking notes if we wanted or pictures to inspire us .

So, on my walk I spotted :
a broken terracotta pot , dirty, half hidden in the  earth 
I wondered how it came to be there  in no one's garden,
but alone with a wreck of a truck for company;
a lily - like flower straining joyfully  towards the sky 
basking in the sun;
a diversion sign for traffic, a necessity it seemed as 
cars waited in long lines for some movement;
a lone marigold bud peeking out from under a wall
maybe tomorrow it will bloom;
five orange buckets - two men in overalls intent 
on some decorating, no doubt;
and then, some oranges in a bowl in someone's 
window- inviting fruit on a hot day;
and in contrast, in the road a distinctive
 orange sainsbury's bag full of rubbish;
a board outside a cafe with a menu for lunch;
a sign above a shoe shop - almost draws 
me in with its familiar letters;
a long dress in orange and black, for the beach,
taking me back to a long ago time of dreams;
and sandals with gold straps to add to
my life, my style, my look ( the orange New Look 
lastly, beneath the windmills, out to sea specks 
of tangerine calling to me - time
to come home.

And a poem :

 A Walk with Orange                                              

There it sat in the bay window, right in the centre.
On either side, navy curtains dropped in symmetry
giving my OCD a comfortable moment of happy, that large bowl  
 full to the brim with vibrant  oranges.
You’d always said they were good for you, rich in vitamin c
one of your five a day. You picked them straight
 off the trees in our Spanish garden  in Valencia,
heavy scent of orange blossom hung as a taste throughout the house.
Our small, hilly grove gave up her fruit - sometimes bitter, 
sometimes sweet, sometimes in warm hands – large, safe.
Other times cut up on a tray, seeping inner juice to mingle
with my tears -silent , soft, tears drawn from your pain
You never spoke, there was no conversation, not really,
apart from those words of getting by.
Today I eat the pithy pigment with reluctance 
and not without your voice sounding in my ear

Next time I hope to have pictures.

See you soon and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I loved this whole piece, Maz! Going for walks in search of something makes us so much more aware of our surroundings... look how many orange things you discovered, each capable of spinning stories in your head! In the end, you told a bittersweet tale of oranges and an unfruitful relationship. It made me want to know more! Well done, my friend! I should so love to live nearby and join these workshops with you!


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