Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Six sentence / share

31st Jan 2017

Hi everyone I'd like to share something with you, not because the word for the six sentence challenge this week is "share" but because it's good writing and will resound with a lot of you mums out there. It's my daughter's blog. She has only just started but her writing is brill. Hope you agree.
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Also , here's this week's six sentence challenge :


Di walked slowly into the beautifully decorated hall, her eyes scanning the roomful  of noisy, happy  people for the couple whose 25th wedding anniversary the celebration was for.
She nearly didn't come, knowing how difficult it would be to face John with his wife after having spent the last year or so being his confidant, listening to his "my wife doesn't understand me" stories, but as Debbie and John were her good friends she didn't want to let them down and found herself edging closer to where they were, surrounded by friends and family.
She had loved John, without him ever guessing,  since her first week with Bolings Solicitors, so when John came to her after work one evening and asked if he could share some secrets with her, she knew immediately that she had to make the decision whether to encourage his disillusionment  or to give him back his marriage.
As he hugged his wife close he spotted Di coming towards them and gave her a wink, a wink that said "thank you for today" , a wink she hoped nobody else had spotted .
She smiled back, deeply happy for them both but empty inside, remembering how conscientiously he'd followed her advice that it was the little things that mattered , like putting the bin out,  listening to her tell about her day, cooking her a meal and putting a candle on the table, and making time for her, to really love her.


  1. I stopped by your daughter's blog, you are right, her writing is creative and very entertaining, I enjoyed it!

    Your story is wonderful! So well thought out, and what I thought the situation was, turned out to be something quite different in the end, a refreshing turn of events - she wasn't having an affair with him, she actually coached him on how to repair his marriage and succeeded, ending any possibility of her having an involvement with him. I have to say that I have known my share of husbands whining to their female coworkers about how terrible they have it at home, and they always make themselves look like it's not their fault. Your heroine was a smart women not to fall into that trap, and she will be much happier with herself for it in the long run.

  2. It is always a treat to read your writings. You put a lot of heart and life into them. I appreciate that way of writing. Thanks for sharing! Hugs.

  3. Finding yourself in a situation like that can be so awkward and uncomfortable. Men really should think twice about who they tell their sad stories too and the position it might be putting them in, especially with workplace relationships.

  4. I think the wink would be excused in any case if they both worked together. Often workmates are good sounding posts but office affairs are disastrous as they affect not only two families but work efficiency as well. She came out of the situation well.

  5. I am never comfortable sharing my personal life with "friends" at work!
    It shouldn't be done.

  6. If every woman so approached had that kind of intelligence and dignity, and would point men back to their wives, the world might be a happier place.

  7. There are those who are willing to put others first and, unfortunately for them, there are people who would take advantage of this group. Not good for those, such as Di.

  8. Di did the right thing, even if it was difficult for her.

  9. Six of the longest sentences I've ever read, but delightful nonetheless! Work and private life should be kept well apart. He's fortunate in having such a discrete colleague.

    My Silly Six Sentences!

  10. Good story with tough decisions...off to your daughters place!


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