Friday, April 3, 2015

Go This Way

Day 3:
 3rd April 3rd poem.

Was inspired today by a walk along the coast . We took a path from the beach up a pretty winding staircase. Each turn gave a different, yet  interesting view which  made me reflect the path our lives take. Not sure I've done justice to it in this poem.

Go This Way

Go this way, tread these winding steps,

                                    Up this steep slope.

                                                     Stop here, rest,

                                                                      Take in the view,

                                                                                     The castle - almost ruins

                                                                                                     Glory days over.

                                                                                     Carry on up, round that blind  bend,

                                                              See the lake- veiled in mist,  

                                                Joys hidden in shrouded past

            Struggle further,up  towards the peak,


                                                               The path narrows, stones underfoot slow progress
                                                                           Turn, see the valley

                                                                                            Deep, dark,

                                                                                 Holding lost moments of gloom.

                                                                                                 But now, for you, up, up, 

                                                                               Crawl on to the summit,

                                                       Lift yourself up,

                        Stand, breathe deep

     Look around,

                                      All before you takes shape

                                                             Holds together.


  1. Love the setup of this piece, the winding of words and the winding design is beautifully done. #LoveandInk

  2. I think you've done it justice. I certainly see that this poem is a metaphor for life. I really enjoy it; there is struggle, but it is worth it. Congrats on being the featured post today!

    1. thank you Sharon.
      Just looking back on my past posts and find this is the second most popular

  3. Very nice - felt like I was along for the walk!

  4. I can really see the image of the stairs with your words! Excellent work!!

  5. congratulations on being featured!

  6. what a lovely winding poem and beautiful watercolor photo. it really beckons me to stop here and look... like the reminder, "stop and smell the roses." everything's better at the beach:)

  7. Thank you so much everyone. I did enjoy writing this one. Really pleased you liked it.

  8. Lovely. And the spacing really adds to the mood.

    1. Thank you. I've just been looking at past posts on my blog and found your lovely comment.

  9. Thanks for the winding road that allowed me to take in the view of poetic thoughts. Very lovely!

  10. You've given us just enough to make the journey in our own minds... Beautiful write!

  11. A nice, and very spare visual poem. Congrats on being featured!


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