Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ponte Vecchio

Day 29:  29th April, 29th Poem
Prompt: to use the idea of a bridge.

                                          Ponte Vecchio

She walks out of Cretella's,
Most expensive Jeweller's on
The Ponte Vecchio bridge
Ring given back
Him given back,
Steps lighter now, one foot, then the  other.
Throws her head up, unblocks small vessels,
  a fresh future promised
With each autumn breath.
clear colours call her to
new adventures.
Her eyes travel down the Arno,
Still,  blue, 
Like a painting, 
Forms beautiful, but not real,
Was that how she was ?
Not  now,
Not now
Now she  feels more than real 
If that can be.
Yes, that can be
Now she  is free


  1. I know this bridge! I had my students do a short story using this bridge and its cool features, like the jewelry stores:)

  2. I visited Italy Sept. 2014. Needed more time in Florence, that's for sure. I like your poem. Thanks for stopping by my A to Z

  3. It's certainly a unique bridge isn't it Jennifer.
    Thank you for commenting. It is so encouraging to get feedback for your writing.

  4. Nice poem! Plus it brings back fond memories of the Ponte Vecchio. Thanks for popping by my blog today!


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