Thursday, April 16, 2015


Day 16:  16th April, 16th poem


I will take my  heart - broken,
Broken in jagged pieces,
Pieces that cut me away.
I will take my broken heart,
Melt and mix with,
Forgiveness and mercy
Add a little salt
Of the Spirit .
Till bitterness and hatred
Is no more.
With courage,
I'll mold a new heart,
A new heart -  full of
Love and kindness
And peace.
And peace...


  1. Marian, I like how you evoke profound feeling from simple words. Excellent. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my magnetic poem. I like how the magnets force me to focus on the look, sound and meaning of the words, rather than a preconceived idea -- although in this case, I knew I wanted to address the fridge.

    I love your name. It's the name of my elder daughter, an unusual one for a 23-year-old! She's an independent thinker and seems to like her name.

  2. Thanks Van Waffle. Your comments are much appreciated.


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