Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Ninth Hour

Day 4: 
4th April, 4th poem

Written yesterday-Good Friday:

The Ninth Hour

Caught up in the swollen mass,
 that surges, like a river  
overspilling its banks. 
I am elbowed,
jostled , pushed, shoved,
Through dusty streets, 
The frenzied multitude,
Ringing in my ears,
I look up .
Can I see Him?
For an eternal brief moment, we are chained in a look
His eyes wedded to mine - heart embracing heart.
He staggers
I squeeze through, bumped and kicked.
I look up
Can I see Him?
Innocence before me
I take my white linen cloth
To his face-disfigured, bruised 
Blood, sweat, soak into that veil.
my treasure.
Soldiers drag me away.
I cannot watch ,
His body - cut, wounded , battered,
Struggles up the slope
staggers-falls , staggers again.
All stop. The summit.
I look up,
Can I see Him?
The place of skulls
Nailed, hung, spared nothing.
Arms open wide in embrace.
The lamb on his throne.
It is the ninth hour.

We are expecting lots of busy-ness during the next two weeks so I will have difficulty writing for the blog and keeping up with the challenge. I do intend, however to give it a shot, even if what I post isn't as good or finished as I'd like. So carry on supporting and spreading and we'll see this through together.

Did you know?

Total Lunar Eclipse or "Blood Moon", is on April 4, 2015 and will be visible in most of North America, South America, Asia and parts of Australia.

Of course we can't see it here in the UK.

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