Thursday, April 23, 2015

Top Trumps Card

  Day 24:  24th April, 24th Poem

Today's prompt from napowrimo was to take a pack of cards , playing cards or other, and to shuffle them, take one at random and do five minutes of free writing in response. And then to create a poem from those words. I found my son's Top Trump cards , so:

                                Top Trumps Card

                                           Oh my, great miracle of our earth
                                           Wonder of the world
                                           Shadows, lakes, clouds, trees
                                           Desire - born -
                                          To be thrilled take a risk,
                                           Be surprised
                                          Wilderness of excitement,
                                          Alligators  - pulse racing,
                                          Seven hundred and forty species
                                          To discover - vast expanses
                                          Desire - grows-

                                         Subtropical danger
                                         Florida Panther - gasp
                                         In gratitude for this wonder
                                         Feel the beauty bathe your skin
                                         Desire - builds
                                         Peril Prances in possibilities
                                         Stomach spinning                                                    
                                         To travel to this place
                                        The Everglades
                                        The other side of the globe
                                        Nine hours from London-
                                        Too far


  1. 740 species? Wow! You seemed to get a lot more out of your card than I did! It sounds like there's a thrilling adventure in your future. Well done!

  2. Thanks Celticsea. Yes, it made me a bit wistful.

  3. Thanks Doris. Lovely to hear some feedback.


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