Saturday, April 11, 2015


 Day 12:  12th April, 12th Poem.

Can't believe I'm keeping up with the challenge. This poem is a little reflection on life in our large family.
There were many times when we were in need and the right item just "turned up".  It was amazing , well , miraculous really.            


The winter - cold - children growing fast                                                                       
Coats not fitting - money short - a silent prayer.
Next morning early - on the doorstep                                                            
A black bag -  future hope.                                          
With expectant gratitude, we crowd around the gift-                                            
Ah, shoes for the youngest - and - trousers for the boys                                           
And -  wait - yes, two coats for the girls                                                  
Just the right size - in favourite colours.                                              
It continues to surprise,                                                
Divine providence    

Artwork by Peter Green

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