Saturday, April 25, 2015

Response to "Hole in my Shoe"

Day 26:  26th April, 26th Poem

I was just thinking about having nothing to write about and this just tumbled out.    So, for better or worse: 

Hole In My Shoe

Stuck for something to write about
I search on the web for a clue
And  finding nothing that interests me
I can only think of my shoe

There's been a hole for some time now
In the sole of my favourite pair
And buying  new being out of the question,
I'll have to do a repair

So what do I do, where do I start
It's all a mystery to me
I've got some glue, but not the right sort
Time for a cup of tea

I remember what grandma used to do
To make her shoes last longer
She took some card and put it inside
It made them that little bit stronger

For a while,
Till the rain got in


  1. You got my attention, as did the whole. I hope you find comfort, and resolve for your sole.

    You can check out the PAD challenge at it's almost done but you can still use the prompts from before. They are pretty thought-provoking.

    Today's prompt:

    Write a poem using one of the words Shakespeare created as a jump-off point.

  2. Thank you Shaziane. There's no resolution I'm happy with I'm afraid. Been away the weekend so finding it difficult to think about writing poetry. But will try to finish the month... X

  3. Lovely poem and I relate - it's been a challenge to write a poem every day this month, but I keep going.

    Not too long ago I wrote a much shorter (and a bit silly) poem about a hole in my own shoe:

    "I am in love with the hole on the right side of my shoe.
    You might think this is a problem I want to fix.

    But rather, it's the opposite."

    I have such a hard time letting go of a well-worn pair of shoes, even past their time!

  4. There's Shoe Goo ... works pretty well for that kind of repair. Good poem, thanks.

  5. Vince there was nothing wrong with my shoe - it's just a poem.

  6. This is some really tight stuff. It's got a flash of euphoria with a hunt of comedy. Nice poetry.

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