Friday, April 24, 2020

Feeding of the Five Thousand

24th April 2020

The Day of the Picnic

I remember the day well, everybody was talking about Him.
We could see Him with His friends so some of us followed.
Others joined us on the way. What did we expect to see?
So many stories, I wanted to see for myself.
Three men in Bethany claimed  He'd cured them.
One, Joseph, he's my cousin, he was lame,
he'd never walked,  lame since birth
but now, I saw him myself, both legs good, walks upright.
Feeding of the 5,000So yes, I followed Him to the mountain, I was at the front,
crept near His friends, heard Him ask Philip
where they might get food for the people.
I remember the blue sky, way up high crows in silhouette,
the hot sun ,  His look,  those eyes,
 those eyes loving all they fell on.
I looked around , five or six thousand standing around,  waiting. .
Is He mad, I thought.
Philip was saying it was  impossible, what could they do
with so many?
The other disciples asked around, did anyone have anything?
Shaking of heads, shrugging of shoulders, nothing doing.
But one disciple, Andrew,  found a boy who had  two barley loaves and five fish.
He brought him to the master.
Why did he bother, what could be done with that small offering?
I laughed to myself.
But He took the boy's gift and He thanked Him for it.
The boy smiled . He was happy to help.
Then the master prayed, He prayed over the meager pickings
And began to hand it out to the people,
And continued, and kept going.
He came to me, His eyes soft,
like He knew me. Weird.
He offered me some fish and a piece of bread.
But how? How was it I could have, we all could have this food?
How did it not run out?
Was it a trick, were my eyes deceiving me?
I took it, I didn't understand. I don't understand.
I looked around again.
Everyone was eating, licking their lips chatting together,
having a picnic.
And when we'd all finished the leftovers were collected,
twelve baskets full.
No waste.
I'll never forget that day.

If I bring the little I have to Jesus and offer it to Him, He will multiply my efforts.


  1. Oh, to think of how our Lord can take so little and turn it into a miracle big enough to feed a multitude AND have 12 baskets left over - one for each of His hardworking, weary disciples! So thankful to meet you, dear Gram, and very grateful for your sweet comment left on my blog today. May the Lord bless you richly and keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy continually, in Jesus' name.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Cheryl.
      Grams is a nickname given to me by my eldest grandson. My name is Maz

  2. Bringing what I have to Jesus is key and I am amazed at what he does with the things I commit to Him. Great post.

  3. A beautiful lesson, i hope all of us learn this, bring our offerings, let Him multiply it.

    1. Exactly Mimi. We just have to bring what we've got


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