Saturday, October 1, 2016

A Walk in Time

                                                                                                                                                                     1st October 2016
A few words for the Octpowrimo challenge:

It's the first of October and this morning
 I wentfor an early walk.
 I was hoping to start at 6.30,
 but it was dark and wet and I wasn't ready. 
At seven fifteen
 I left the house, but after five minutes it was clear that 
the trainers I'd chosen to wear 
were going to be a problem 
for the blister on my left heal - an injury that has more to do
 with fashion and pride than walking ,
 as it came about because I was trying to impress,
 knowing that I look my best in heels. 
After changing my trainers,
 I was back out the door in five minutes. 
Giving myself an hour,
 I was able to relax into a comfortable  rhythm and take in 
the freshness of the morning, 
walking sometimes along the coastal path and 
sometimes in the more built up roads nearer to my house.
The quiet only interupted  by the 
soft waves creeping in and out.

Image result for coastal paths pictures kent

And thoughts came in...
The years we have 
 so few to 
live the dreams
 that we share together. 
How to fit them in
while legs are still working,
the mind still sharp - ish.
Time running out,
running short.
We must continue
till the end.


  1. I like where you took this, from a casual walk in the now to a philosophical view. Thank you! xoA

  2. I'm enjoying this poem for it takes us through those stages of getting ready to take a walk, the daily obstacles that sometimes mean we don't walk at all, but then the walk begins, the photo reinforces that connection with nature, and then, the real payoff -- that awareness we face limitations at so many levels but still can cherish each day. Lovely.

  3. running out- running short- ah yes, recognition


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