Monday, October 17, 2016


17th October 2016

Managed to get out for a run this morning even though my body was trying to rebel. Did a 34 minute run  - out in the dark .
Me : "just to the next lamp post.... walk now... start again... to the bin... and the next one... and again... you can do it.... walk now... gasp gasp ... gasp.... shall I run a bit more ... yes, just to the end of the road, ok not that far .... etc etc etc xxx " And it was lovely running/walking /gasping. /sweating/ by the sea...
But I went out and did it...x
 — feeling proud.

An acrostic:


So hard to get out of bed, maybe I'll leave it till tomorrow, the sun's not even up.
Ah... come on , you can do it.. You'll be back before you know it.. and what a
Vast improvement you'll make if you keep it up... yes come on, out you get
Or, do you always want to come in last, in everything... no - well then, 
Run - for thirty minutes - it's not much , and so good for you,, the heart rate increased 
You'll be fit and healthy , have more energy ... OK, I'm off, ...

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