Saturday, October 8, 2016

What Noise

                                                8th Oct 2016

Thank you to all my loyal readers. Today the visits to my blog exceeded 22000. That is just amazing . Also, I'm so grateful for all the comments, so encouraging to read what people think of my random words. 
Well I did the park run this morning . Five kilometers of gasping for breath as I ran for ten seconds and walked for ten minutes, but, I wasn't last and now feel energised. I recommend  it to everyone.  
So, the following poem came about after I had to get up this morning at five thirty - I have to tell you, that is in the dark - so that I could take my husband to the station. And the rain just came down like a tsunami had disturbed the heavens . 

What is That Noise

What's that noise?
In the dark the flask is filled 
With tea there's no time to drink
What is that noise?
Soda bread buttered and 
wrapped for later, there's no time to eat 
That noise...
Hurry, pack your rucksack 
You have a train to catch
Out the door
Ahh, the noise
It's a downpour
Run to the car
It's not that far
But soaked we are

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  1. What a delightful snapshot of a morning that echoes with sounds and rhymes.


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