Sunday, October 16, 2016

In- depth

                                                                                                 16th October 2016

I can't believe it's day 16 already. Abundant blessings on all you lovely readers who are sticking with my words. 


You can't have an in-depth conversation when running,
In fact it's difficult to have any conversation at all
Well, it is for me - looking around on my 5k run , it seems it's not
Beyond others.
Others, can manage it - conversing, I mean, not sure it's in-depth, but
It's still one hundred percent better than me , I can't utter any sounds
That are not a gasp.
Gasping, because I can't breathe deeply,
Gasping, because I'm searching for air for my constricted lungs,
Gasping, because, apparently, I need to pace myself,
Not go too fast,
Gasping , because, actually, even when I go very slow
I still cannot breath.
One day, they say, I'll be able to run the 5k and not gasp
One day, they say, I'll be able to run the 5k and talk at the same time,
On that day,
Then, maybe, I'll be able to have an
In-depth conversation while running.

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