Thursday, October 13, 2016


                                                                                     13th Oct 2016

It's cold . I a few minutes when I finish this poem for today, the 13th day of the challenge, I will head out for a run. I'll only do half an hour or so and mostly I'll be walking, but heh, at least I'll be doing it, right?  Not feeling like it at all.
The day before yesterday my husband and I did another long walk along the coast. You remember - we are planning to walk the Way of St James to Santiago de Compostella , more than 500 miles, so we need to get some practice in.
Anyway because I walked with hubby I haven't done a run yet this week . Today will be the first and then I plan to do the park run again on Saturday.
If you're a runner or if you've walked the Camino Way, I'd love to hear your story.


Life, His essence , 
Wells up in abundance
Flowing through your soul like a river 
With harmony warming you. 
Let go, rest and be blessed ,
Flourish and thrive - Create-   in the 
Present moment , with His spirit,.
Feel the buzz,
Your energy source,
Let it permeate your soft inner self. 
Keep your special time with 
Your God


  1. Lovely poem, Marian. "Feel the buzz, Your energy source." xoA

  2. Beautiful.

    May I suggest a fictional story of one man's walk on the Camino (filmed on location) ~ "The Way", starring Martin Sheen, directed by his son Emilio Estevez

  3. Thanks Tressa , I intend to search it out , now that you've reminded me of it.

    Maz xx


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