Friday, October 28, 2016


28th October 2016

Day 22 - OK , yes, I know I'm now way behind. But I have been so busy with family that It's been virtually impossible to get to any writing. Given that I'll probably not finish the challenge by the end of the month, I wonder whether to go on or not.


Who knew it could be dangerous swinging on a swing in the park
By the river, next to the restaurant with pigs and ducks in the grounds.
The ducks who shared their home with rats who scurried freely eating the ducks grain
Dirty water didn't  seem to worry the ducks as they  drank and swam in it.
The pigs - black, smelly, snorting, snuffling.
But , I digress, OK the swing and how it was dangerous.
After our lunch and a walk along by the river, 
Seven excited grandchildren spotting  the park through the trees ran with renewed energy
Terrorizing the few children already their with their parents.
They egged each other on - who could slide the fastest, climb the highest, swing the highest...
Pushing each other they pushed their limits
A tall grandson pushed a grandaughter- the same age as himself- till she squealed with pleasure
And then, the final push - too hard - up she went and with a jolt 
Was thrown from her seat , unable to hold on - she flew up and landed six feet from the swing
Flat on her back , flat on her back!!
Unable to breathe for too long for us to be comfortable - not able to speak
Fear tells stories, invents problems - is her neck broken or her back...
Do we need an ambulance??? 
She calms down and her auntie, a doctor checks her spine and declares all is well.
She was left with some bruises - it could have been worse.

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