Sunday, October 2, 2016

Before the Sun

3rd October
And now we come to the third day. Did you find some of the other poets that I told you about? If not, go look...
I would like to go running this morning but I'm nursing a blister so I need to be patient.

Before the Sun

You are up before dawn, ready to take on the world,
Stretching those muscles and toes that were curled
In sleep
Not sure how you plan to make use of the day
You sparkle and shine giving to all your ray
To keep
To wake with such energy surprises and thrills you
Bring on the light you say there's jobs to do
Let's get going.
The sun is deciding to pop up , look there
The darkness is sent and a a glimmer appears.
Let's start sowing


  1. Such an uplifting piece...and nothing like any of my mornings...ever. I may need to borrow this poem in hopes of siphoning some of its morning positivity. :-)

  2. Thanks Anna K Stewart It is fiction. I sat here in the dark willing something good.

  3. can feel your lets get out and aboutness

  4. Very inspiring! It reminds me to put on my bright orange running shoes and move, move, move! Maybe just not before the sun is up on a Sunday though :)


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