Saturday, October 29, 2016


29th October 2016

Day 23... will I make it to the end of the challenge?? I don't know the answer to that , but today I went for my third park run so I'll just write a few words about that in a double acrostic


Until my daughter came to visit - you know the one, she's
Not afraid to get off the sofa and run or cycle or swim , she is
Dead keen on exercise and is an inspiration to me - it had been
Over a week since I ran- too tired, lazy, achy and every other excuse.
Undoubtedly, I would not have gone out for a practice run without
Being encouraged by her and her brother, who said,
"Think positive ma, you can do it ."
Eager to prove to myself that I am a strong woman I went and
Did just under three miles - that was wednesday evening and wow, what a
Lovely feeling of achievement and it was then I decided that
Yes, I would do the 5k park run on Saturday

Up before the dawn, ready by eight , with new running gear and good trainers,
Now was my time - taking in view out to sea - a mist settled over the calm , two
Daughters egg me on as other runners are in fancy dress for halloween .
On to the start line - so many here today - getting a bit fearful now - maybe it was
Unwise to think that I could ever be good enough to
Be a runner, who was I kidding....
Then we begin - yes, I'll get round and someone has to come last - but,
Even after just a little way, I have to walk and I'm gasping for breath, but with
Determination I run a bit and walk a bit and push myself round, until I run the
Last few meters, collect my chip and almost collapse in a heap on the grass.
Yes, I'd done it, and what's more got a PB - can't be bad...

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