Thursday, October 6, 2016

A Tantalising Aroma

                                                                                      6th October 2016

We have started a monthly lunch club in our parish . A hard working team giving time to help the community grow. We had a great day on our trial shift - although exhausting , it was also hugely satisfying. As my brain is in a bit of a spin now I found that all I felt I could write about was that.

A Tantalising Aroma

Ooo, that's a tantalising aroma...
A cheery, red face peered around the door.
He was early -  we were late
We had arrived at nine and
Scrubbed and
Rubbed and
Disinfected every corner of the kitchen
Had to be done. That was before
Any food preparation
So, we were late, not very, but still...
Door of oven slammed shut at 11.40 am
Chicken pies on target for 12.30.
He came at 11.50, expecting a meal at
12.00 midday .
We looked after him, gave him coffee,
Then others came to join him.
The work went on.
Dicing carrots, shredding cabbage , boiling potatoes..
And for the dessert - sponge to make
To cover the apples that came
All sixteen diners eating by 12.40
Enough food to feed forty -
The amount there'll be next week
Words of appreciation and much
Chatting together -
Our practice run went well...
We learnt a lot....
Made a list for the replay
Yes, , with mind and hall cleared
 I sat back and appreciated
That comment
And agreed
Not just a tantalising aroma but
A delicious repast to boot.


  1. I miss cooking in such a kitchen, the sense of community and caring come through with a lovely meal for all.

  2. so recognising all that work in providing community lunch- and the early arriver...your poem captured it all


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